EPISODE 01 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

This is EPISODE 01 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. “Episode 1” is the principal episode of the main time of the Turkish authentic activity series Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu,[3] composed by Serdar Özönalan, coordinated by Sedat Inci and delivered by Emre Konuk. The episode debuted on 28 September 2020 and it arrived at the highest point of the appraisals in Turkey. It became famous because of a specific conflict scene, which was both generally welcomed and condemned for its verifiable incorrectness.

Melikşah’s dad Alp Arslan is killed in the wake of vanquishing Berzem Castle in a significant fight against the Khwarazm, with Melikşah taking the lofty position. Melikşah’s better half, Başulu Hatun, is professed to have passed on from labor, with her child Ahmed getting by (both really alive and concealed by Nizamülmülk). Nizamülmülk persuades Melikşah to surrender his child as he wouldn’t be acknowledged into the Seljuk tradition as the child of Başulu, who had been erroneously blamed for spying for the Kipchaks and had been banished.

Following eighteen years, Melikşah is designated with death by the Batinis however is saved by his child, renamed Sencer, in spite of the fact that Melikşah doesn’t remember him. It is subsequently asserted that the Anatolian Turkmens did the assault. Nizamülmülk doesn’t trust this however Melikşah orders that the Turkmen Elçin Hatun, sister of the detained Turkmen pioneer Kiliçarslan, be brought to the royal residence in Isfahan.

Subsequent to seeing a bad dream including Ahmed consuming, Melikşah calls Nizamülmülk to Başulu’s alleged grave, requesting to see his child Ahmed, as Sencer and his sibling Tapar capture Elçin however are trapped by the Batinis.

In Last Episode of Season 1, Nizam’s government operatives track down one of the mysterious entryways, however Mithras catches and kills them. Melik Shah salutes Sanjar and Turna. Ruler names Sanjar’s girl and afterward begins to eat with them. Gevher begins conversing with Basulu and apologizes for all that she has done to her as of recently. Basulu excuses her. Hassan discovers that Tajul will be banished soon and is extremely irate with him. Melik Shah discovers that the covert operatives close to Kuvel have been caught by Mitras and that new warriors are coming from the Black Sea to help Mitras.

The Sultan understands that Mitras needs to face a conflict and says that he will battle him as he needs. Mitras gives a discourse to every one of his fighters that evening and says that they will kill every one of the Turks. Sanjar comes to the royal residence prior to doing battle with his loved ones. Terken is upset by their appearance, yet the Sultan restricts discussing awful things about Basulu. Basulu meanders openly in the castle after numerous years and discusses her recollections with Melik Shah. The Sultan believes that Basulu should wear his protective layer while doing battle.

The following day, the Sultan and his children plan to do battle and before long set off. Sanjar expresses that while battling on the front line, the slings will go after the walls of the palace relentless. Hassan goes to the palace and says he will help Mithras. Mitras says Hassan hasn’t kept any of his commitments previously and ousts him from his palace subsequent to killing his supporters. Before the conflict, the Sultan implores with his warriors and asks Allah for help.

Mitras says that they will retaliate for the terrains lost by Byzantium from the Turks and orders his officers to assault. A little while later, the armed forces of the two states start to battle. This war is long and ridiculous. The Turks bit by bit obliterate the whole Byzantine armed force. Melik Shah says he will vindicate all honest people killed up to this point and goes after Mitras. Ruler kills Mitras on the front line. One of the Turkish troopers lets the Sultan know that the launches annihilated the mass of the palace and that is the reason the fighters entered.

Melik Shah then goes to the palace and eliminates the Byzantine banners with his children. The Sultan balances the banner of the Seljuk realm on the mass of the palace and says that this spot is currently a Turkish land. The Sultan then, at that point, gets back to the royal residence and salutes his children for what they have done. Melik Shah says that Tapar is currently the Emir of Ganja and salutes him by and by.

The Sultan then, at that point, announces Sanjar the Emir of Khorasan. Sanjar and Tapar express farewell to Basulu and set out for their new obligation. Melik Shah goes to his dad’s grave and puts a small bunch of soil he got from Kuvel Castle to his grave. The Sultan then requests that Nizam determine what his dad Alp Arslan did.

When will the series ‘Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening: The Great Seljuk)’ start? Here are detail ….

TRT 1’s new series ‘Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening: The Great Seljuk)’ has 400 supporting entertainers, including 100 pony, in the longest fight scene in Turkish TV history, which endured 60 days and 8 days. So when will the series start?

The longest fight scene in Turkish TV history was shot for the primary episode of TRT 1’s new series Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening: The Great Seljuk), which will be communicated on September 28th.

Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Production

Everything about carefully ready in the series, where the longest fight scene is shot and the exceptional group from Kazakhstan preparing players for the ponies utilized in the series. The entertainers were given activity, horse riding and sword preparing by the activity overseer of the Nomad Stunts group, which arranged Hollywood movies for a month. For the fight scene in episode one, a group of 45 doubles and 120 co-entertainers went through 15 days of hard preparation at the setting to be shot.

The ponies likewise went through preparing

Janbi Ceylan, who has the uncommon title of ‘the pony ace’ on the planet and Turkey, upheld the players in equestrian examinations, while bolt tossing phases of preparation were given by World Range Archery record holder Ibrahim Balaban.

The pony aces brought from the Nomad Stunts group visited Anatolia and 15 ponies, which were accessible for preparing among around 150 ponies, were permitted to partake in the undertaking. With a month’s preparation, he got preparation stages exceptionally ready for the fight to come scenes, for example, ponies, lord to-ruler, sleep time and fight request.

After almost three years of content work, 350 style laborers, 100 woodworkers and a 60-man support group partook in two separate levels, both on and off, for the series, which finished a 13-month preliminary cycle.

A royal residence, customary school and caravanssaray were laid out in a uniquely pre-arranged 7,500 square meter covered level, and on an open level of 50,000 square meters, Anatolian Seljuk Obası and Kınık Obası, Şelemzar City, Isfahan City and Byzantine Castle were laid out.

Outfit studios, 3 thousand 500 extras and 5 thousand bits of ensembles delivered from the period “Arousing: The Great Seljuk”, the initial segment of the 28 September Monday will come to the screens.

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