EPISODE 01 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

As Salaam o Alaikum viewers! This is the first Episode of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. From the grace of Allah, we are continuing this beautiful work. The last season number 2 was ended when Ertugrul with his few companions has migrated. The third season starts with Ertugrul, Noorgul, Zuljan, and Gunkut on the horses. They are going to meet a man of Sultan Alauddin. The man of Sultan has to give a new mission to Ertugrul and also tells him that Sultan is utmost happy with his services. Ertugrul also talks about that Saeditin Kopek has become the Minister of Sultan. The man tells him that sometimes for nasty matters bad people are required for the state. Ertugrul tells him in clear words that state should be clean and clear. When Sultan’s MAN was telling the plan to Ertugrul before he tells the name of the spy of Templars there is an attack on them and an arrow comes and pierces the Sultan’s man. Ertugrul asks the place where to find the spy. He can only tell Hanlı Başar ( Hanli Nazar).

In the tribe, Hakim’s is distributing the floor among the people of the tribe. People are disappointed in the quantity of floor. Women are asking for more floor to make bread for their families. They are talking that this floor is not enough for their whole family. Men are talking that what kind of struggle is this. What kind of development is this that we have not even to eat bread. Halime address to all people that Ertugrul already tell to everyone that this migration is not a comfort migration. It has a lot of troubles and exams. Everyone should know this.

Ertugrul is now in the Hanli bazar to sell pelts. He meets the son of Sardar of Chavdar Tribe. He is an Evilman working with the Non-Muslims just like Saeditin Kopek. He is telling Ertugrul that he doesn’t know about the bazaar rules and regulation. He will not succeed here like he is in battles. He tells him to be cautious in the bazaar. After that what happened, you will watch on the screen. Thank you. Bismillah is the password for this first Episode of Season Three. Enjoy!

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