EPISODE 44 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 44 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You will either fight bravely by my side. for our Sacred Cause… or you will kill yourself right here and now. if there is a slightest speck of fear left in you Until we die Commander Dragos Until we die Commander Dragos Until we die, Commander Dragos Until we die. Commander Dragos What happened here, Bamsi? My Bey. Albasti abducted my son Then. Beybolat Bey came. . and he killed Albasti. But, my Bey .. They took my son away again my Bey. We re going to find Aybars. my brother They abducted my son, my Bey Keep a calm head brother Be calm. I never kill anyone without seeing his face first. Ah. How did you come to be here. Beybolat Bey? When I heard that my sister Sirma was wounded, I went in pursuit of those dogs. They wounded Bamsi, too. And just when Albasti was about to kill him. . I shot him. EyvAllah (it’s good you did).

You saved all of us from a great trouble. And you avanged llbilge Hatun, as weW Ilbilge Sirma is the one who was wounded. Ertugrul Bey. Ilbil e Hatun. alon with Selcan Hatun and the Alps went after that dog Albasti They were attacked. Ilbilge Hatun has been severely injured. She’s been taken to our tribe. What did you say, Ertugrul Bey? I have to go to my sisters’ sides. I m going to the tribe1 Alps They’ve crossed the border long since, my Bey They went straight to the fortress. I can’t just keep standing around here, my Bey. Bamsi my brother we will rescue Aybars from their clutches But, you have to be patient. You say. be patient But. it is my child who’s been abducted!

What kind of patience are you talking about?! No my Bey no My brother, listen to me anger only clouds our reason and blunts our swords We found out who real Dragos is. It was Bell-ringer, all along. Dragos joined forces with Albasti. and they intend to lure us into their trap… don’t you still see it? We shouldn’t rise to their bait. Because, they want us to go after them Come on, get a grip on yourself If we rush to the fortress consumed by such an anger… then we will put Aybars’s life at risk, brother. Ho ‘ quickly you forgot that my own son was detained in that fortress, Bamsi. Even then, I didn’t attack the fortress but.. I put a rein on my anger instead Bamsi. And. I’ve beat them in their own game. And we’re obliged to respond to what they did, now t o I give you my word. we will rescue your son, brother. Come on my Bamsi get yourselt together I am myself!

Dirilis5 EPISODE 44 part-01

I am myself, my Bey I m in control1 I don’t know about you. my Bey. but… I’m going after my son and I’ll save him from their clutches, my Bey. Until I save him, every breath I take is haram (forbiden) for me, my Bey… so. I’m going now, if you don’t mind! I’m going, my Bey! I m going Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Deh! Come on. This one who got killed is not Albasti Turgut. I have cut Albasti’s arm during that last fight. And. there is no wound on this one’s arm Beybolat is implicated in this. So, either he is in direct contact with Albasti or he is Albasti himself What’s going through your mind now my Bey?We can’t find Aybars without drawing Albasti to us. Only then we will find out… whether he is in the fortress or not. And Dragos will bring Albasti to us. Bamsi went all by himself my Bey Take the Alps you got with you and go after him. And meantime. I will trow a bait that will bring Albasti to us. If anything happens send us a word. Go on I’ll be going to the tribe. Let’s go, Alps Get to the horses We’ll follow Bamsi, hurry up Is there permission, Hafsa, my sister? Come in.

Sirma Hatun. How are you, Hafsa, my sister? How can I be? How is llbilge Hatun? Is she all right? Praise be to Allah. Artuk Bey said her life is no longer in danger After she had a bit of rest she will recover. Praise be to Allah. Praise be to Allah for that. but.. I can’t get my Aybars out of my mind. How is he doing7 I wonder if these brigands intend. to kill hem? Don’t talk like that, Hafsa sister. If that was their intention they would kill him right there They obviously have some score to settle. What score can these monsters settle with a very small child? What do they want from my son? It will come to light, of course. But, don’t distress yourself. Besides, we sent word to my brother.

He must have gone after them. too. When my brother goes after something he won’t return until he finds it. Besides, Aybars’ father wouldn’t return without finding him either? They will find him. won’t they. Sirma sister? Those villains must be pitying their fate by now. Beybolat Bey won’t come back until he finds… those villains who abducted a small child and wounded his sister, to boot. In shaa Allah You will see, my brother will. . even the score with them for their deeds. in a way that it will serve as a lesson to others. My Aybars would not end up. like Suleyman, In shaa Allah. Every day, some calamity or some misfortune befalls us. I ask myself whether we will ever find contentment. Ah, my sister ah’ There is neither law nor order left anymore Almost everybody nowadays is stealing goods, taking lives or intercepting roads. It is no longer safe around here.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 44 part-02

If such kind of incidents happened on the fringes of Umur tribe my brother would have… burned everything, razed everything to the ground and brought everyone to account. Let’s see what our Principality’s Bey, who has jurisdiction over the Sogut’s road, will do now? There is still no any news First Suleyman . then Aybars. And now. my sister and I They target everyone who give a nod to Ertugrul Bey. Between you and me, this Kayi tribe is coming apart at the seams. Come on! Deh! Ah. Ah My son… My son has fallen into infidels’ hands… I can’t stop here I have to get him Just just let me take care of this wound. Ah’ Ah Ah’ Stop there, Bamsi This is not the time to stop, brother I do not even know how my Aybars is faring There is no blood running in my veins, but fire, Password for this Episode is 12345. Turgut brother. But. how about you now9 Why did you come after me? You think I’m going to send you off there like this do you? Besides, when we became blood brothers. [by cutting the palms and mixing the blood by pressing them together] didn’t we swear that we will stick together through thick and thin?

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