EPISODE 41 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 41 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Who are these ones? I’ve no idea, my Bey, no idea at all. We’re done here now1 We’re retreating. Go back! Draw on your inner strength Alps Go after them1 Follow them. Alps, go after them! You take one more step and I’ll take your life. Turgut.. hold on there Let’s hear you .. who are you7 U ratios1 My Bey… My Bey Alincak is still there What if he talks? What will we do? Alincak is dead I shoot him through the heart. I saw him lying lifeless on the ground with my own eyes We got what we came for, anyhow. Let them keep his dead body. My Bey, they’re coming. Come on, move1 Hah’ -Hah! Hah Hah’ Ahhh!.. They got away! Let’s go back. What are you doing here, Dragos? I see that my ally is looking for justification rather then showing his appreciation. Put your heart at ease. Ertugrul You can thank us for not having died here today. A person is protected by his predestined hour of death, Dragos Why did you come here, you tell me that first? For the love of Jesus (Isa. a s). what have I done?!

What have I done to deserve this? Don’t turn me over to them!. Commander Dragooos Follow them Notify me at once if anything goes wrong. As you order Sir, as per your order, we followed the Nokers that took Commander Dragos away. They took Commander Dragos to their secret location. Soon after, Alincak took him away again, along his Nokers. Where did he take him9 To the St. Marcos Forest. The location mentioned in that letter May they be damned, those barbarian Mongols! So, he’s taking Commander Dragos there with him. Beybolat! Beybolat will kill him too. Get our most elite soldiers in readiness. Commander Dragos’ life is in danger. We’ll be on our way now! Hurry up So thinking about your safety. I made a snap decision.

The lives of our allies, warriors like you… are just as precious to us as our own. Ertugrul. My men followed that wretched Bell-ringer It wasn t hard to find this location at all And what if Alincak has realized he was being followed? Then I would have been obliged to kill that Mongol’s dog And in doing so. you’d reduced my trap to nothing this time The next time you decide to do something like this… send me word in advance, at least. Who were those… who ensnared you in your own trap and shoot arrows at you, Ertugrul? They were definitely not common bandits. But they will run into us again eventually at any rate Take Bell-ringer to Sogut immediately. to be treated. And, as far as you’re concerned… Alincak is dead, as you can tell. The problem that was plaguing us has now been disposed of. So. you may now head back. Soldiers! We’re returning to the fortress now. This Mongol, this scourge of God, has got what he deserved. My Bey, I didn’t believe one word this infiedel just said. He’s already dug his own grave by coming here, Turgut. Ugh Alincak is still alive. We must not let him die. We’ll take him to our secret location. Come, let’s move. Come on. let’s move him there. Melik$ah Before he dies, he must tell me who that dog Albasti is, Turgut. Mother Yes, what is it, son?

My Aybars. is there something you wish to tell me? Are we going to move from here, mother?Why would you say something like that, son? We’re aware that you don’t want to stay here, mother. We don’t want to live in a place where you don’t want to be Aybars is telling the truth, mother. I see that you do not leave our tent at all. My darling little ones. Come to me, my sweet daughter. How they worry about their mother. Your father doesn’t want to move to Nikea. He says he doesn’t know what he would do with himself there And bein the Ka he is against our moving to any other tribe And I’m at a loss for words. I propose that we go to Konya, mother. But, what would we do in Konya, son? We don’t have anyone there. we don’t know anyone. We neither have a shoulder to lean on nor connections there Konya is a big town, mother. And it would be easier for my father to get some work. And in addirion, I want to be a scholar. I wish to have education and accumulate knowledge in its famous Madrassas [Islamic school]. Good thinking, my son.

However, I don’t know what your father would say to that. Well, and I was waiting outside for my Aybars to go hunting. Aren’t you ready yet. child? Look. Those dusky birds and roe deers just wait for us there. Come on I’m going now and you catch up with me. Let’s get going Come on I’m coming, father. May you live long. May God keep you safe. I m off now. Hold on there, Bell- ringer. We’ve just attended to your wound. Rest here for a bit. My injury is not that serious, my Alp I’ll be fine to take a rest on my own. My Ertugrul Bey has entrusted you to us. When Ertugrul Bey returns, I’ll be here anyway. You’ve done enough as it is. There are things I have to attend to in the Church. Who will ring the bells? Well then. Bell-ringer.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 41

Go attend to your duties since you feel fine. but don’t vanish into thin air. May you live long. May you live long. May you live long. May you live long. Did you check over your bow and arrows, son? Everything all right, father Hay, Masha Allah. A real valiant must have his weapon ready at all times. If you call yourself an Alp, you must be drilled well and on guard at all times. Aybars is primed. Masha Allah, that’s my valiant. Come on, let’s be off. My Bamsi Head-Alp! They called us for a drill. But we were not told where to assemble. So… do you know anything I’m neither the Head-Alp nor an Alp now. I’ve no idea about it, my valiant. But. enquire in the Alps’ tent. They’ll be able to tell you. Oh . by the way, in the future, do not salute me as if I were still a Head-Alp. I want you to extend your Salaams to me in the same manner .. as you do to anyone else. All right, off you go. jny valiant. May your path be open. Let’s be on our way. my boy Come on, my lion. My Bey. Turgut Bey and the Alps have ensured the safety in the area. Dragos might want to follow us. They re not supposed to know that we brought Alincak here. I’d never thought that we would endeavor to keep this ignoble alive, my Bey. We’re obliged to. Abdurrahman We need him alive to learn what we need to. Ertugrul7 Surely we’re both dead. and about to reach the status of Ugrnag. aren’t we? [reach the status of flying back to Tengri] Were not deadyet, Alincak.

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