EPISODE 40 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 40 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Therefore, until I say otherwise^ your sword is forbidden to you, as well. As my Bey commands Bamsi? What are you doing here? Bamsi?! Is something wrong i Are you all right? I’m not all right, my Hafsa. Not at all What’s wrong? If other Alps are in the main tent, why are you here? I have no place there anymore. How can you say that, Bamsi? Aren’t you the Head-Alp? Shouldn’t you be there when the Alps are there too? My Hafsa, I’m no longer the Head-Alp either. What do you mean by that, Bamsi? My Ertugrul Bey has dismissed me… from my position You love it as much as your children, and you love your sword just as you love me Bamsi Why would our Bey do something like that? My intent was not to do wrong. Our Bey ordered me to keep my post. But. when the Nokers turned towards our horses. I went after them… to protect horses from being harmed. Our Ertugrul Bey said that the violation of an order cannot be forgiven Therfore. I relinquished my swords to him and. came he e.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 40 part-01

Bamsi, what you have done cannot even be called a mistake. So. you went after the Nokers. What other choice did you have? Can one be dismissed from Head-Alp post due to such a tiny matter? All this many years you fought side by side and risked your life together with them. Well, is this the way to reward you for that? What can we do my Hafsa? That is the Bey’s order. The Bey’s order must be obeyed in all circumstances. Allah (swt) has instilled courage as well as purity in your heart, my Bamsi. You still don’t see it for what it is What do I not see, my Hafsa? What should I see? They’ve given up on us ever since Selcan Hatun came. You will now face the real struggle in our tribe. Bamsi. May Allah keep our children safe. Praise be to Allah. Gunduz s condition is not serious, my Bey. He will recover in no time at all, In shaa Allah. And how is Mergen doing? We have iven him all the necessary curative care, my Bey.

The assisstance was from us and it is now at Allah’s Divine discretion. My Bey, I explained to Dragos everything he needed to know. I told him exactly what to do when Alincak arrives. Alincak has lost everything that he had. To save his life he will now strive hard to find Keykavus and the chest. Those who have nothing to lose, become reckless They’re ready for any kind of fight and they’re bound to make all sorts of mistakes. By making good use of his waeknesses. we will force him to walk right into our hands Get the Alps in readiness. Abdurrahman. Take care of everything as the Head-Alp. As you command, my Bay Aag A|/j it will be as your order, but .. the loss of his Head-Alp position will go very hard on Bamsi. Do you know what is the most weighty and most consequential verdict one Bey must issue in his life, Turgut Bey?

The one concerning justice When it comes to justice a man must grant no quarter even to those. whom he considers the apple of his eyes. Just as responsibilities are the same for everyone so are the rewards and penalties thereof As you command, my Bey Now, to our issue of Alincak and Albasti. They managed to escape us, th s once. We must not allow it the second time, Turgut. So now after he got attracted to the smell of bait we will pull him into our cage. Then we will see who is the hunter and who is the prey Where is Dragos? Commander Dragos is waiting for you in his quarters, Sir. Welcome back, Commander Alincak. I was just about to invite you to celebrate our friendship But since you already come. please take a seat. I’m here to taste a dish of revenge and enjoy a drink of blood Would you take a seat first.

Have a drink This will calm you down. Commander Alincak. what do you think are you doing? You were double-crossing me while still looking me in the face You behave as if you don’t have a clue about last happenings Happenings? I’m not aware of anything. by Jesus (Isa, a.s I swear it! After we patred. I returned to my fort. I don’t know what happened. After we parted our ways, there was a raid on my secret place. My important captive, who knew quite a lot was taken away. Who was it? Who would do that? You just give an order, and I’ll assign all my troops to find them. Dra os! Did you have anything to do with that? Why on the Earth and for whom would I betray a Commander of the Mongols, the rulers of the world? Berke Khan’s men took him away. And, the letters form Hiilagii Khan are in Ertugrul s possession. Are you in on this too9 Did you guide them to our place? Nobody knew where we were before you came there. Why would I do thatjiah?

Dirilis5 EPISODE 40 part-02

To kill you, is that so? I’m not that stupid Commander Alincak. After all I’ve done for Ertugrul… he still intends to conquer my fort and get my head. And you’re still telling me here that I am at his back and call. There’s only one reliable partner for me. . and it’s you. And if I were to do something like this. I mean if I wanted to kill you. if I meant to do this kind of perfidy. I would have done it long since. Moreover, in order to prove my loyalty to our alliance. I intend to give you something of considerable value, What is that? My spy at the Han Aaa! I can get him from you anyway. I have to get the original orders of Hiilagu Khan. Only then, following up these orders I could get to Keykavus and the chest. I will give him to you. but keep in mind that he is very valuable to me. Aaa! Cease with that Byzantine’s genteel manner of speech! I need to get Hulagu Khan’s letters without delay, and the whole lot. Who is your spy?

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