EPISODE 31 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 31 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Well then tell me what your conditions are? To begin with, the swords will be returned to my Alps. You will stop insisting on the gold you’re after. My nephew Suleiman, whom you put into dungeon against his will, will be pardoned. That is impossible. Suleyman has publicly disobeyed me. And then he escaped from dungeon. If Beybolat Bey’s words carry more weight. then I will negotiate with him instead. Check your word among many people, check your soul when going alone. [Mongol proverb about the idea of being mindful] Is that all you want? No it is not. Lastly, I request that my brother Gundogdu be granted full pardon And I want that pardon issued in the form of a sealed edict. If you desire. I ll send a word to Tabriz, to Hulagu Khan to give you his throne. Do you even listen to yourself? Only my Khan can make me agree to these terms. We I then . consider well your needs and my demands, weight them against each other. Lets see which one of us would reel under the heavier weight.

Since you claim to have Keykavus… then I’d like to see him first. Don t worry, you’ll see him when you get to where I will direct you. First, you have to agree to my terms… and issue the pardons I requested from you. Do it, so that you are not left reeling under that heavy weight. I agree to your terms. But if there are some schemes afoot and I don’t get Keykavus, know that… I will come back and raze your tribe to the ground. Just hurry and get these pardons on sealed edicts ready for me, Alincak. Because, the time is running short. Hulagu Khan is expecting you to bring Keykavus. Get me the paper and my seal [Tamga]. My Sultan.. when Alincak accept the terms of our Ertugrul Bey, he will… come to get you from the place we will take you now. What if it doesn t go as we planned? What is Alincak plays a trick on us? Then, we will finally utter Shahadah (the Testimony), my Sultan. I feel no sorrow for my life my concerned is our Daw’ah. Turgut Bey. This struggle in which such effort is invested must not be jeopardized. Neither would the world ever lack in evil, nor would Oguzs be short of warriors, EvelAllah. my Sultan. Even if we attain martyrdom today. there will be many other valiants.. who will come after us, EvelAllah.

Just let Alincak agree to our Bey’s terms, then… struggle will be ours and Tawfeeq will be through Allah [Divine guidance and assistance] In shaa Allah, everything will go as we wish it. Now that we have only my meagre life on our hands, it s time to put it… to good use in the service of this greatest purpose. That will either pave us the path to victory or to attain martyrdom. Whatever comes from Al-Haqq, we will gladly accept it. Come, let’s be on our way. valiants. EyvAllah (let it be so). Hurry up. There are many more slots we still have to dig. come on Why did you make us dig the soil like moles, Osman? What are we going to sow here? We’re not sowing anything Ne are digging these for enemies, not for us. For enemies? What is the purpose of these holes for the enemy?

It will be their graves. Are you gone crazy. Osman? What on earth possessed you to dig the graves for the enemy, now? They’re just waiting to attack us like vultures. Where are we going to bury them when we defeat them? Should we worry about it before we actually defeat them? Once upon a time, one of the greatest Khagans went up the hill… [story of Mete Khan, 209-174 BC: founder of the Hun Empire] to observe the oncoming enemy s army from above.The enemy’s army was so enormous that… [refers to the Chinese army] the Khagan s army looked like a handful of ants in comparison [Mete Khan defeated the great Chinese army in 200BCE] The Khagan s Vizier, standing anxiously behind him and thinking… that the Khagan was considering a withdrawal, bowed down to Khagan and asked him.

What are you contemplating, my Khagan? The Khagan looked at the large, densely packed enemy s army, then replied. Where will I bury this many enemies, that’s what I contemplate.” The way to victory… begins with the thought of where to bury the enemy… not by contemplating how to defeat them, my brave-heart. If you have misgivings about victory, you will not triumph, Aybars Our Alps in the tribe are getting ready for battles. So, we will make the graves ready for the enemy. We will show them how much we are confident of our victory. Then they will be afraid of us. Come on. we still have so many graves to dig. Come on, come on1 There…now you can give me what I want. Where is Keykavus? Go to the Kizilgam (Red Pine) forest. You will see him when you get there He will be waiting for you. In spite of everything, you did a great thing, Ertugrul. If you remember. . I told you once that I would not want to sacrifice a Bey like you so easily. After my duty in Tebriz is over.. I m going to do some more work with you. We never turn down the hand stretched out to us. If it’s held out in friendship we will clasp it. but if it’s… stretched out with hostility in mind, we will cut it off. Subutay!

Dirilis5 EPISODE 31

Send the word to our Nokers carrying the secret chest. They are to go to the Kizilgam (Red Pine) forest. I will go ahead to Konya and you will bring Keykavus and the chest. As you order, Commander Alincak. We drove a hard bargain. Yet, we have gained more than we’ve given him in return Don t be so confident about that What’s that supposed to mean? It means that what you did was not good at all. The concessions you’ve given to Ertugrul will cause us great troubles, beware. What are you angry about Beybolat? Is it because I pardoned that boy. by the name of Suleyman? You were not able to even keep hold of one boy You are actually the guilty part in this affair! I couldn t care less about Suleyman. My problem is Gundogdu. Why is that? Who am I? I am Albasti… Albasti! If Gundogdu comes here, then it may come to light that I am Albasti. Do you know what might happen then? So that’s what this issue is about, huh? What is there to laugh about? I say it’s a serious problem, don’t you ken? You granted the man whatever he asked for. I laugh at your gullibility. You think I didn’t take all that into consideration? Keykavus was important to me. Just let me deliver him to Hiilagu Khan, then… once I return, I intend to take it all back in any case. Then why did you grant him the letters of pardon? I granted it, true, however if that letter doesn t reach Giindogdu… then he cannot come here. And now. you show me that you’re a real Albasti. and prevent that letter from reaching him. Nokers are ready, Commander Alincak. be on my way to Konya, now. And you go with Subutay to get Keykavus. By the way, if… you make a mistake, I do not want to see you back at al. You might just as well kill each other there. Yinal Yes. my Bey. Sent word to Baturalp, at once. Tell him to lie in wait near the Kayi tribe. Password for this Episode is SULTANKEKUVAS.

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