EPISODE 24 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 24 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. The safety of this land will not be jeopardized. You’re talking about safety, Ertugrul Bey… but see, Beybolat Bey has just been poisoned. So, Beybolat was the one who has drank that poison. I have to finish Ertugrul off… before this matter comes into the open. Is it possible to speak about security in the lands in which a great Umuroglu Bey was poisoned? Is there permission, Ertugrul Bey? Of course, please take your seat. Pardon me, my Beys. I met with an accident. That’s why I’m late. We heard about it, Beybolat Bey. We were just discussing it. Beybolat Bey and I consulted on this issue He doesn’t have reservations regarding that either. As Dragos is aware that our swords are getting ever so closer… he acted out of desperation. Ne will serve him his rightful due, very soon. My concern is that taxes and gold would not be enough to purge us of this Mongol scourge If things continue this way we won’t be able to handle even Dragos. Now we have become miserable in this homeland, whose doors have been opened to us by conquest.

If you were going to spill so much resentment on such a tough day… why didn’t you stay in your bed instead of coming to the Council? Is that all there is to your Beylik? All right th< n Take us to the head envoy without delay. Your road ends here. We will take it from here And what’s that supposed to mean? Traitorous dog Traitor! How could you have done this? Did you think you could pull wool over our eyes? Ne have eyes and ears everywhere. Then I will carve your eyes out and cut off your ears! Having Byzantine’s infidels on one side this many years… and the Mongols’ scum of the Earth on the other. . did any harm ever come to your tribes since the day one till today? Whose one tent has been destroyed? Was anyone lacking food and water?

We can t contradict you in that, Ertugrul Bey. What you said is truth, but there is… a mist ahead of us and thick smoke pressing from behind. We can’t see clearly through these. How many times there was mist ahead, and smoke pressed from behind. So many troubles have befallen us. When did we divert any of you from your course so far, so that we would do it now? We walk with those who gave up on their hearts and would willingly risk their lives for this cause. And, not with the cowards, who would turn away at the first sign of difficulty. The only authority around here to sort out any concern you might have… is me. And, it is my duty to put everything right However, your duty is to hold your ground unyieldingly… in the face of any difficulty. While we are surrounded by enemies on all sides… the slightest laxity would lead to negligence, and negligence would pave the way for betrayal. And if that becomes indicative, I know what to do, very well.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 24

Ne are all worried by these, Ertugrul Bey. Vle only sought to find a remedy, we don’t care for anything else. No hardship will stand in our way. Lefke fortress has now become a nest of evil. We have an obligation to cleanse it with our swords. Ne stand ready for the conquest, like an arrow waiting to be shot from a high-strung bow. If anyone is afraid or is not brave enough, now is the time to tell it I’ll rather have one brave man than a thousand cowards. For this cause, I would go into this battle by myself, if needs be. Those who value their lives more, may remain in their tents and rest. Those ready to give up their hearts and to willingly risk their lives on this path, will follow me. Ne’re with you, my Bey. How did you infiltrate inside? Is there anyone else, speak up! I’m not acquainted with others. Besides, who do you take us for? We have extended arms everywhere. Then, we will cut off your extended arms as well as your heads! When Dragos realized that two tribes would converge, he attempted this poisoning.

Ne need to be prepared now for any kind of sedition. In shaa Allah, as you said, by conquering that evil nest, we will wipe out the corruption. I believe that they are responsible for… Emir Bahaddin’s death and.. for the theft of taxes. They can be into anything, you know. But, there is something I’m curious about. Only few persons knew in which Caravansary the taxes would be stored. Do you think that one of them might have disclosed that information to Dragos? Who knows9 But, everything is cloaked in darkness. The guilty nd the innocent the good and the bad might be intermingled Everyone can put a blame on each other when thing around are violent. There are two ways to find it out. The first is to find Dragos and make him sing. The second is to get hold of those who knew where the taxes were stored and make them speak. Let’s say you get answers to your questions… what good it would be to you if you cannot find the gold? We need proofs, Beybolat Bey.

Let’s first make the suspects speak, and then we will find the gold too. We need to get to the bottom of this matter, Ertugrul Bey. Nevertheless, do not exert yourself overmuch. Let the Mongols do whatever they see fit. This matter is very complicated. Allah forbid, you may end up in the hole you dug with no one to save you. Ertugrul Bey, as our future relative would help me, wouldn’t he? He would of course extend his hand to us, wouldn’t he? Since we are on this subject, I propose that… we conclude this marriage, at the soonest time possible, Ertugrul Bey. You are welcome to come to our tent today. Ne can have some friendly talk and discuss the marriage. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulasFather.

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