EPISODE 12 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 12 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Please take some refreshment, Selcan Hatun. May you live long. There you are. May you live long Even after so many years, I still recognize the taste of your Aryan mother. Where is my Ertugrul Bey? Ah, my daughter, a thousand problems have befallen us. They are pouncing on us from all angles. Like hyenas they’re circling around us, waiting to swoop on our carcasses. Nothing wrong I hope? Could it be that there are others from your tribe coming, too? Hayme Mother, Emir Bahaddin has come with his soldiers. This is one of those hyenas we just spoke about. These two, he and the troubles, go hand in hand. Mother Welcome If you’d sent a word in advance, we would’ve welcomed you appropriately. What welcome? I came here to demand an explanation. To demand an explanation for what, Emir Bahaddin? For cooperating with Ertugrul, who is on his way to deliver his son right into infidel’s hands. What do you mean by “to deliver him into infidel’s hands”? Ertugrul Bey went to take his son from the infidel’s hands. You’re right there, he took him. However, he took his son to Nikea from there.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 12 part-01

He violated the State justice. The State justice. They are now drowning in their crimes. Now, it’s time for reckoning. Sogut is under our authority from now on. On this occasion, I also revoke Ertugrul’sjtitle, the Bey of Principality. The place you are sitting on now is not your Palace’s seat, but the pelt of the Bey of Kayis, Respected Emir. Don’t you know your customs? Impertinent one! Who do you think you are? Don t you dare Suleyman Stop there! Is it your intention to shed the blood of the State soldiers in your tent? Go on then Just spill it. Go on. There are still more of my soldiers out there… a whole lot more And add this sin too, to your many crimes. Go on, please yourself. Bamsi! Suleyman! You, stand back too. You are an Emir of the highest rank. Didn’t you learn any of the State etiquette? What is the meaning of entering the tent without permission and menacing its residents? No matter what Ertugrul Bey did, he must have known what he was doing. And you’d better do some investigation on the matter… instead of acting upon some hearsays, Emir Bahaddin. Who am I, hmm? Who m I9 I just told you that he took his son to Nikea, and all you have to say is he must’ve known what he is doing. Are you rebelling against the State, ha?

From now on. we will not grant pardon either to him or to his associates. And, above all, to you. The keeper of Ertugrul Bey’s secrets, Artuk Bey! You’re going to tell me all about your goals, to the very last one. Soldiers, take Artuk Bey and lock him in dungeon. I will interrogate him personally. You are not going to put Artuk Bey in dungeon! You behave as an oppressor, Emir Bahaddin. No one here is either a criminal or an associate of the criminal. You will tell me all about that in dungeon. Detain him! That’s it; you’ve reached your limits. Hold on, Bamsi. Hold on! They are goading us to spill blood, that’s what they want But, we will not provide the water for turning their mill If they insist on dungeon, then so be it! We are not afraid of anyone And we don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone for anything. Sooner or later, the justice will prevail, anyhow… Emir Bahaddin Of course, you will be asked to justify your actions then. Keep your hands off me! You will not grab my arms and walk me out of my own tribe. I will go by myself! It’s an ambush! Take cover! Father, what’s going on? Where did they all come from? Ertugr I’ They will find your son sooner or later, Ertugrul Bey. Seljuk’s Emir can easily reach you in every corner ot the Seljuk’s State. For, I will not let my son remain in Seljuk’s territories. rather, I am taking him to Nikea. To Nikea? They believe that we are heading for Nikea They will leave it down to Emir Bahaddin to deal with us. So, we’ll be able to get past the trap they’ve set up in the fortress. Then, llbilge Hatun will follow our trail. Tonight, I am going to talk to her. What is the point of attracting Ilbilge Hatun onto our side, my Bey? We have to, for it’s high time the scales fell from her eyes, Turgut. In Emir Bahaddin court of justice, our greatest asset will be her conscience. To be able to acquit Gunduz, llbilge Hatun has to discontinue proceedings. EyvAllah (I understood), my Bey You are an unrivaled master in setting up traps. What next, do you and your son intend to get even with me? Our intention is not to get even with anyone Drop your swords down. We only wish to have a word with you. I have nothing to talk to you about! We’re not here to spill blood, llbilge Hatun. Don’t make us use force And what if we do9 Let us see you. Gunduz! You will listen to me, llbilge Hatun. You always claimed that you wanted justice to be served. And I came here so that the justice may be served. Else, we may have just as easily killed you here. Have it your way Just let my Alps go. Let them go and we may talk. Alps! Father, what’s going on? What are you hiding from me? Why don’t you enlighten me? Seek to make your needs successful by being discreet”, son. [al-Tabarani, Mu’jams, 2/149] Dirilis5 EPISODE 12 part-02

We didn’t tell you anything for the sake of your safety We should not have given in to them. We should not have allowed them to take Artuk Bey! Bamsi! Calm down, son. Didn’t you see? He came to us with the intention of stirring up a hornet’s nest. You were right, mother. They are like hyenas. May Allah grant Ertugrul Bey the strength against them. Grandma Whatever we can do, we will do it. But, we won’t let them get away with this. Suleyman brother is telling the true. If we keep silent, they’ll turn wild and get out of hand. With this last act of atrocity they pushed us beyond the limits of our patience. They want to take advantage of Ertugrul’s absence. But… we know how to make them… fall victims of their own nefarious ambitions. isuieg Yes, my mother. I’m listening, my Hayme Mother Put all kinds of safety measures in place, in case of attack. They may now try… to assemble the court at any time. But, we won’t take our hands off the reins. Tomorrow we will all go to the Han together. As you order. As you order, my mother Hayme. How did you know that I would follow your trail9 Did you play another game with us? I know you pretty well by now, llbilge Hatun. Tell me this! Wasn’t it Lais who told you that I’m taking my son to Nikea, instead of to Sogut? And, you probably sent the word to Emir Bahaddin, at once Then he, in turn, must have promptly sent his troops out. You are one courageous hatun, llbilge Hatun. Of agile mind and always on the move. You are in pursuit of justice. Password for this Episode is IlbilgeKhatun. However… you just cannot remove the scales covering your eyes. So, to make the scales really fell from your eyes, I goaded you to follow me. Is reality, you are the one with the scales over your eyes. You’ve hidden my father’s killer, so he wouldn’t face the justice. The killer is your son! You are protecting him. If it is not so, why didn’t you take him to Sogut then? I’ve hidden my son, not from justice. but rather from the real killers of your father.

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