EPISODE 11 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 11 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. On behalf of the Seljuk’s State I will take this killer off your hands. Would you say how much do you ask to ransom him? If anything is to be taken from here on behalf of the Seljuk’s State… it will only be taken by me. I am the Bey of Principality, here Even you are under my jurisdiction, so keep that in mind. Who do you think you are to assum you can pay my ransom and take me away? Get back Everybody calm down! Don t you dare. . cross your limits! Gunduz is not your prisoner .. he is my son Now… if you harm even one strand of hair on his head… I will crush this fortress around your ears Get them out of here! And take Gunduz Bey back to his room. Everybody out! Now we will solve everything here by the book. Masha Allah. They have woven this by the sweat of their brows. Their hard labor is interwoven with every tread of this. May the hands of our hatuns never see any trouble. Fold them up now. my daughter Alright, Hayme Mother. O my All ah (swt) please, keep my son safe Protect him from any kind of evilness. Oh my All h Mother.. what will I do with these rugs? Send them to the Bazaar to be sold, my daughter.

Hayme Mother! As I said, if anything is… to be taken from here on behalf of the Seljuk’s State. it will only be taken by me. Except for me, no one has enough power to do so… and no can be presumptuous enough to do it! And, it’s not only a matter of taking… but no one has even the power to give something away. Won’t your son be coming to stand trial in Sogut, one way or another? My son’s execution order has already been issued in Sogut, long since. I’m not going to leave my son in the middle of that cesspool of intrigue! Therefore, whatever the amount of ransom is demanded. I will pay it and take my son with me. What’s the meaning of that, Ertugrul Bey? Wasn t your intention to find your son and bring him to justice? All your preaching about justice, what was that all about? Was it all only to distract my attention? I don’t have faith injustice being achieved there, llbilge Hatun. Thus, I will not let my son fall victim to that. I will not bring him to Sogut. They intend to enable the culprit to escape If you allow this to happen… our State will retaliate against you Now, tell me… how much do you ask to ransom him? I will top up that amount and I’ll take him off your hands I ask for 1.000 gold pieces.

All right I agree. However, I can’t give you that, at this moment. What does that mean? This means, I don’t have this much gold at hand, right now! I will send my Alps to bring it. And I will remain here until the gold has been brought. Ilbilge Hatun has made her offer. And what do you have to say to that, Ertugrul Bey? Mo her Hayme Mother, tell me, is something wrong with you? Don’t panic, my daughter. I am well. But, for quite some time I had this weird sensation in my heart. It’s like a hot ember is glowing in my heart. Perhaps it’s been caused by my concern over what’s happening with Gunduz. Mother, how long have you been feeling like that? Have you ever felt like that before? This sensation is unlike anything I’ve felt thus far, my daughter. I can’t describe this burning sensation in my heart.

The only other time… I felt like this was when my husband Suleyman Shah. has asse away I will notify Artuk Bey at once. There is no need for that, my daughter But, mother, you are bleeding from your nose! May Allah preserve you, but let me call Artuk Bey to examine you.. and find out what it is, before it gets any worse. You will not tell anyone about this My Ertugrul has a thousand of other problems to worry about. He should not be burdened with additional worries about me. At an appropriate time… I will see Artuk Bey and consult with him on this matter. Hafsa… you do understand me, don’t you? You will not tell anything to anyone about this. There’s more in here than you asked for. You may count it if you wish Our trust in you is boundless, Ertugrul Bey. There is no need to count it. You displayed your filthy character once again, Ertugrul Bey! You are making a mistake, Commander! And the consequences of this could be drastic! Ertugrul Bey paid the ransom and deserved the right to take his son. We kept our part of the bargain. What will follow after is not of our concern. You should not have given the killer to him Soldiers! Escort llbilge Hatun out of the fortress. It doesn’t matter where you take him… I will find him and deliver him to the justice This matter will not end here!

They will find your son sooner or later, Ertugrul Bey. Seljuk’s Emir can easily reach you in every corner of the Seljuk’s State. He can’t, Commander For, I will not let my son remain in Seljuk’s territories. rather, I am taking him to Nikea. To Nikea9 There are safe places yonder, where I could keep Gunduz out of the sight. Emir Bahaddin’s hand cannot reach there. For that reason I want to take to the road immediately. Therefore, I want you to… send word to your troops that are on the road So that they would not attack us, considering us as their enemies. I’ll do the necessary, don’t worry. I hope that everything goes as planned, and no accidents will occur… until you arrive at your destination. I’m so very pleased that the peace between us will continue. Peace can sometimes… be just an interlude before the start of a great war, Lais. Take this very much to heart. If these ones were not hot on my Gunduz’s trail… like hyenas after the carcass… I would have forced my way in here like a wolf… and I would know how to break him free with my own paws! And I would have not only taken my Gunduz back but I would take many heads along the way! 8A9AAO everything in its own time.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 11

We will meet again. Now… I will take my son. Soldiers! Go ahead, my soldiers will take you to your son. F th r Why did you hang your head, Gunduz? I am ashamed to look you in the face, father? Gunduz raise your head. I haven’t done anything, father I’m not a murderer. I have been framed. They forced me to flee, father. I just wanted to clear everything up. I was concerned about you more than about myself, believe me. I didn’t want a black stain to mark your brow because of me. Gunduz They separated me… from my tent and my tribe. They separated me… from my grandma, from my brothers and from you, father. They drove me to it. You’re saving me from here now… but I did not want it to be that way. How can I look you In the eyes now? What should this tongue of mine now say to you, father? Gunduz everything is over now. How can I not know that you are innocent, son? There is no use of thinking about the past From now on we’ll look forward and tread carefully. You know father. . for the first time in my life I was very much afraid of something. That I would die without gaining your approval. I was so afraid that would die before gaining your approval. A human being… must experience great trials… vi will vivo mioiurxuo ai iu i ^ 00 36:41,994 ~> 00:36:45,306 So, that he may find the right path. And, you went through great trials.

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