EPISODE 10 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 10 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Find his whereabouts, for me. We have to reach him first, before Ertugrul Bey does. I will do everything in my power, my Mistress. I have acquaintances in the fortress. However, Ertugrul Bey must not find out that I told you this. otherwise he will kill me. Do not worry I need you, Bell-ringer. You’re the only person in the cursed place who told me the truth. Turgut Bey. how pleasing it is to see you in our fortress. Welcome here. I’m here upon the order of my Ertugrul Bey, Commander Lais. I need to see Tekfur Yannis directly. What could be that much important? Our Tekfur is in his room. Please follow me, I will escort you. Welcome here, Turgut Bey. Your visit surprised us very much. Please, go ahead… I am listening to you. We ll talk in private Yes. You have my attention now. Who are Dragos and Teokles?

Wouldyou question me? We know that… Dragos is our mutual enemy. If there is anything you hide… it will have disastrous consequences for both parties. Ertugrul Bey wanted you to take it to the heart. Now… tell me everything you know. Who are Dragos and Teokles? And what is your connection with them? Ah Gunduz Where are you? Why you were^being unamenable? As you keep running. all the problems stick to you like a glue. Ah Gunduz’ Drag os… he was a very great and ruthless commander. And then they said that he became a monk… and that he secluded himself in the mountains. Only now.. we learned that he had become a rebel.Password for this Episode is TekfurYannis. He gathered around him men who are loyal to him unto death. and he created a scary gang. He do sn’t recognize authority of the Emperor, nor of anyone else. He has his own rules and goals. His goal is not only Sogut… but also my lands. And, what about Teokles? How do you know him? Dragos men caught him and his daughters. They were forcibly taking them away.

They were rescued and brought to our tribe. Is he in your tribe now? Take me to him. I need to talk to him urgently Teokles has died. How could that be? He was someone very important to us. Dragos’s men have poisoned him. Probably he was carrying a secret that would reveal Dragos’ identity. Now everything is lost. Perhaps not all Before he breathed his last… Teokles entrusted this necklace to his daughters. He told them that if something happen to him. they were to take this necklace to Tekfur, that is you. We had a look inside… but we could see nothing. Can I also have a look? There is nothing inside it, but it should be! There absolutely must be something. Teokles put his life and the lives of his daughters in danger for this cause. I must solve the mystery of this necklace… whatever it takes Can you leave that with me? As you said, the secret hidden somewhere. within the locket of this necklace, is indeed related to Dragos,

Turgut Bey Dragos must be… behind everything you were subjected to, since the arrival of Umuroglus. He is the greatest threat to me too. You may trust me We will be expecting the word from you… as soon as you solve the mystery of the necklace, Tekfur Yannis. Don’t worry at all I want Ertugrul Bey to know that. previously I felt helpless and isolated against Dragos… however, I am no longer alone. In unison with Ertugrul Bey, we’ll come through this calamity together. EyvAllah (may it be so). These arrows belong to Tekfur Yannis’s soldiers, my Bey. And this thum ring (Zihgir) belongs. To Umuroglus. Have you found anything else there, Mehk§ah? No, my Bey We searched thoroughly everywhere. But we found only these few items. They were in the same spot on the ground. Were both of them, the Tekfur and… Umuroglus going after Gunduz at the same time, my Bey? Sir, there is. nothing left you haven’t tried yet. Obviously, there’s nothing inside it. Teokles was not an idiot to… request that a necklace, containing nothing, be delivered to Tekfur. Teokles used to say… You need to break through the secret to uncover the truth underneath.” What does that mean, Sir? Dragos is . in the Sogut s church.” There is Reverend Father Anastasyos in the Sogut’s church. And I know him for many years. Ahh of course Bell-ringer Lais! Lais! Lais! Lais, what are you doing?

Dirilis5 EPISODE 10 part-01

Lais, I am your Master! Lais! Lais, what are you doing? I am your I only serve one Master. And, that is Commander Dragos. I do not know what the Tekfur’s soldiers were doing there. However. . it’s perfectly clear what Umuroglus were after, there. And so, it is now clear, where they were coming from, today. Since they got there, they must have sighted Gunduz. And, since. the arrows have been shot, it’s clear that some exchanges happened. My Bey, what happened with Gunduz, then? What have they done with Gunduz? My Bey, could it be that they got Gunduz and keep him out of our sight? We will find out what happened there right now, Artuk Bey. Aag A|/\| What’s the matter,^rtugru[ Bey? Where is I lb! Ige Hatun? She is in her room, but she does not want to meet anyone. What is going on here? It’s you who will answer to that question, llbilge Hatun. Come inside, Ertugrul Bey Where is Gunduz Alp? And you ask that of me, Ertugrul Bey? When my Alps went in search of Gunduz, they found these items. And, you came from there this morning? Now tell me, what have you done with my son? I found your son and apprehended him. I had my sword on his neck. And just when I was about to separate his head from the body… that Hatun, by the name of Irene came along with her soldiers. S e saved your son. They escaped together. This is the truth.

Your son might have escaped my clutches today. However . tomorrow. . my sword will surely serve him his just punishment. Do you have something else to say? You told me that… you wanted justice and that you would rely on my words. And you said that you would find your son and hand him over to the justice. You have lied to me. Now, you tell me. how did you track down my son? You were hiding him right here in Sogut One of my Alps has spotted him. I went after him and tracked him down. It Id y u that’ However, he managed to escaped. Now on this day of justice… be true to your word… and bring him into the presence of Emir Bahaddin. Failing that… I will find him myself and do the necessary. Would that I have. plunged the dagger you gave me right into your guts, that day. You were dishonest with me You didn’t tell me where your son is, although you knew it. I asked you not to make me regret my decision. But you did Now, there are no more words left on my tongue. nor patience in my heart. Take it and kill me! Either you will deliver your son to justice… or I will find him myself and kill him. I give you my word If you want, you may kill me right here and now.

What’s the matter, take it and kill me! I am afraid neither of you nor anyone else. So, that’s why you were behaving like a bear with a sore head, today. You were drawn into some kind of intrigue, llbilge Hatun. But, I will unmask and ruin this intrigue. However, take care not to become the part of that intrigue. Else, you too may find yourself buried beneath it. Father. My dear father. What am I going to do without you now? What happened to my father? Where were you all when my father was in his death throes? We were not aware of anything. When we came into the room, Tekfur Yannis was already dead. My father was in excellent health. His physician always said that he was doing well. So, what could have happen all of a sudden? Tekfur Yannis got very upset by the latest happenings. He didn’t want to make it known to anyone, but I noticed that occasionally… he would break out in a cold sweat and would clutch at his chest. I think, the past events greatly affected his heart, and it gave in under pressure. I will not let this matter rest.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 10 part-02

Father. Dear father. O my God . accept Kara Bela and my brave warriors in Your Paradise. I brought you the message from commander Lais, my Master. So Tekfur Yannis has died. You have accomplished such a great deed, Lais. You have performed a colossal deed! And in addition we got Gunduz in the palm of our hand. O my God, You have accepted my prayers. You have answered to my prayers. What do you want me to tell commander Lays, my Master?

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