EPISODE 05 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 5 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. EKDEIM FILM Gunduz, stop there! Hold n Gunduz do not ever let me see you raise your hand against a hatun. This Hatun has lied to all of us, father. It turned out that she’s one of Umuroglus’ clan. She deceived all of us. While you were away, they stormed in our tribe. Of Umuroglus’ clan? You’re going to inform me about everything that happened here Artuk Bey, get the wounded man inside And, you follow me in. Gunduz. You too, hatun He is alive. We must not leave any trace behind us. Remove him from here quickly. You go that way, and we will head in this direction. Don’t let either one escape with their life Why do you assume that Gunduz has slain your Alps, hatun? My father Umur Bey and I arrived to your tribe along with our Alps. We informed Hayme Hatun and Artuk Bey that our State has assigned this duty to us. Go on, continue. When they heard that we were here to collect taxes, they became furious. Gunduz Alp put his dagger to my father’s throat. And then they humiliated us and threw us out of the tribe. You entered our tribe in the style of Mongol marauders. Your father who went beyond his limits, tried to intimidate us with his words He tried to enter our tent without permission.

He treated my grandmother with disrespect. And I, I only put him into his place. Gunduz And then Gunduz went ahead and slaughtered your Alps, didn’t he? Hatun.. with your assertion, you not only accuse Gunduz of murder… but also all the other Alps of the Kayi tribe. Carefully consider what the consequences of your words may be. There is no secret that eventually won t come to lie ht, Ertuc rul Be . You may bury it, but its seed will germinate somewhere and shoot up like a sapling. And when it does, no one will be able to predict who will drown in its blood. Aag A|AI Ata? Bey is in a stable condition. The Alps are at his side. He needs to rest for a while. When Ata$ Bey recovers, we will question him too, Artuk Bey. EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey.j Let me apply some ointment on your wound. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. And, where is Umur Bey9 He is taking his rest. And I don’t know how I will stop him, once he hears about this Hatun.

I can understand your anger, Hatun. Your Alps have been killed. But unless you can prove your claims, this amounts to slander. A slander, is it? The arrow, removed from the back of Atag Bey, is a Turk’s arrow. And when we came to your tribe, Gunduz Alp and Artuk Bey… have both, warned us off to stay away from the other tribes. And they have threatened us. After that, this all happened to us. Was Atag Bey able to tell you that he saw Kayi Alps and Gunduz. . there at the time of attack? The attackers had their faces covered. And, with regard to Gunduz Alp When he arrived here in Atag Bey’s wake, his horse looked as it was ridden to death. What was your intention? Was it to finish what you started and kill Atag Bey like you did my Alps? Answer to me, where did you come from then? Gunduz tell us, where did you come from? Fath r I Fa her… Where did you come from, Gunduz? It’s a good thing that you didn’t give in and drop your arrow, brother Else that degenerate would have killed both of us. To begin with, this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t persist to go hunting, brother. Father will be so angry with me. Of course, if we make it out of here alive.

We will, brother. We will, evelAllah (by Allah). Where have you been, Gunduz? Do you expect me to believe the words of this liar, who couldn’t even say where he was? We were together. We went horse racing, my Bey. You went horse racing! That is a barefaced lie! iruiu q Lock Gunduz and Qagri in the cell. They are to remain there until this matter is resolved. Father, how can you comply with the words of this Hatun. .. who has deceived us all and who is now flinging mud at us? My Bey… Osman and Savci went hunting. Hayme Mother sent the word that they had not returned yet. They’ve gone hunting? Hunting ground is along the route leading to the Turkmen tribes, Bamsi. Then Osman and Savci might have landed right into the middle of that skirmish, my Bey. Translated by Melisa & Synced by Jimmy Watch More Turkish Shows with us on WLEXT.NET Father, with your permission I want to go with you. Translated by Melisa & Synced by Jimmy Watch More Turkish Shows with us on WLEXT.NET Translated by Melisa & Synced by Jimmy Watch More Turkish Shows with us on WLEXT.NET While my brothers are in danger, I can’t just wait in the cell, falsely accused. Take them away, Dumrul. Father, don’t do this. Father, don’t do it while my brothers are in danger! Father! Let me If anything happens to my brothers… I will have a terrible reckoning with you, hatun.

Keep that in mind Drop that bow down! Drop it down. I said! And your dagger Come over here. Brother, brother! Brother, come, regain your senses. Brother, wake up, brother. Open your eyes Come to yourself Brother! Open your eyes, brother Keep them in your sight. You’re making a mistake, father! Because of one hatun’s false accusations, you threw your son in the cell. My brothers are missing. I have to get out of here. Qagri. Qagri I cannot stay here. I have to get out. Take it easy, Gunduz. Password for this Episode is GunduzAlp. You will knock this place down I’ll collapse the whole world around their ears, if needs be. My brothers are missing. But I still ended up here because of that hatun’s slur. And even that would not be enough I can’t stay here. I’m not staying here. If we violate Ertugrul Bey’s order and run away, he will never forgive us, Gunduz. You stay here, Qagri. I will go on my ownJ Where are you going, Ertugrul Bey? There are things we need to talk to you about. So this is the legendary peace and safety of Sogut that is on everybody’s tongue, ha? And you are the Bey of Principality of this Sogut, Ertugrul Bey. Do you only ensure your own safety and serenity?

Dirilis5 EPISODE 05

We’ve fallen on terribly hard times, since we came here. So, where is your authority as the Bey of the Principality? UmurB y neither my son Gunduz nor the Kayi Alps have killed your Alps I will find the killers whoever they were. Get out of my way, now Do not think that you will be able to save your son. And do not even think about trying to cover this up. Father. Stay out of this If you’re not guilty of this crime, then… find the perpetrators within the shortest time possible. Or else, this Sogut in which you have invested and breathed new life in the course often years… I will turn into a graveyard for everyone, in just ten days. A g jnuifi whoever has tried to send us into our early graves… they are now lying in the graves they have dug up themselves. Know that evil words have a way of turning around and cutting down the one who has uttered them. I will tolerate these words because I understand your anger and pain. The Bey of Principality hereabouts .. . is me! I am the one to find those guilty of this crime and I am the one to draw their punishment. Now, stand aside and mind your own affairs. And do not get in my way. Let’s go, Alps. Well, we will see you, Ertugrul Bey, we will see. Where is Ertugrul’s son?

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