EPISODE 02 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 2 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Have you opened your eyes just now Artuk Bey? From now on be on the alert and keep your wits about you. As my Bey commands. But that’s not enough Artuk Bey. Locate every single trader and villager who took a debt with usury or who was dispossessed of his property. I will personally pay off the debt of each one of them. My Bey. you give everyone everything you have in any case. This is the price YSunduz^hame Bamsi. What do we possess in this world anyway Bamsi? Only our swords and… our faith. And besides that.. there is the burial shroud I keep under my mattress. Anything else that belongs to me… I will distribute it to ell of them. Where is this*child off to. like this** Storming away in a huff. My Bey.

We found the place of skirmish my Bey. But someone has removed the carcasses that… Ilbilge Hatun left there. So that means these men were not alone in this My Bey this work seems murky and as deep as the bottom of hell. And it’s ust as dark my Bey. Pursue any lead that comes out of this… both m Sogut and in the Greek villages. Bamsi. If we don t get to the bottom of this soon we ll be in a lot of trouble As you order my Gey. As you order. } ather J ather What s going on? Give me a sip of water Nea. The necklace I gave to Nea as a present. Your life depends on that necklace. Don t ever forget that Evdokya. That necklace… What are you talking about father? You re bidding something from us. Who is Dragos and where was he taking us^ ell me. Don task questions. Just do what I say . Watch over that necklace really well. ’W&this. And don t tell anyone a Bismillahir Rahmamr Rahim [In the name of Allah swt the Merciful and the Compassionate] Ilbilge Hatun this smells very good.

Bless your hands Well tell me. what kind of broth is this? This broth is unique to our region. Hafsa Hatun. We feed it to the sick and wounded to promote healing. It will restore my Osman back to health In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. There you are And you also devote your attention to Osman quite a lot. I see that you do not distinguish him from your own son. I do not o course. Halime Sultan. has passed away immediately after she gave birth to Osman. And Ertugrul Bey has been both a mother and a father to his three sons ever since. Why didn t Ertugrul Bey get married all these years? The love story of Halime Sultan and Ertugrul Bey was so fabulous and incredible. Legends are still spoken about it… and my Bey could not lay his eyes on anyone else I guess. Ertugrul Bey . kept himself occupied with the State s and his tribe s affairs and with his cause. And the rest of his time… he would only dedicate to his children. He never gave a thought to marriage. Masha Allah he raised tall lean and graceful children. The broth s ready If you ll excuse me I will take it to Osman. Come on my children come on Good on you Aslihan. my daughter! Come on. son. go for it Aybars Come on. Aybars Hah. come on hey. Masha Allah! My daughter well done. Ashhan! Come on my son Aybars. go for it! Good on you Come on Aybars well done hah!

Your wri ts must be as strong as a rock. Well done! You must be as unyielding and solid as a stone! And your movements must follow your strokes. Why did you drop your sword again. Aybars? *Hf I am sick and tired of this drilling sister A sword is not for me. Oh wel well Well look at him How can it be that the son of a Head Alp doesn t want to wield a sword? I already told you father! The sword is yours the pen is mine! Hey look at his sassy tongue. Nobody tells you to forgo your pencil. Come on don t you have two hands? You hold your pencil in one and wield a sword in the other. What s the matter my Bamsi Head Alp? You ruffled Aybars s temper. Ah my Aktemur Usta (master) ah* What am I to do with this boy? Rot cope with his sassy tongue I don t want to wield a sword give me a pen. he told me. Don’t give him a hard time. The homeland is conquered by the sword as you say.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 02 part-01

But it is retained by the pen. And for that reason we need both. So. why don t you give him your blessings and let Aybars do what he is naturally predisposed for ha^ Be grateful to Aktemur Usta. Keep him in your prayers. Otherwise I would make you swing your sword till morning. Come on off you go get inside. Get inside come on. Go into your tent. EyvAllah (good that’s settled). EyvAllah (thank you) mu Usta eyvAllah Masha Allah my daughter. Come on let us go inside too let’s go in. ets in. Bless your hands you prepared it so deliciously E oy it Os an I prepared it by boiling the bone of black Ram It gives strength. My late mother used to cook this for me. My mother passed away as soon as I was born. I have never seen her You have a father like a mountain Then there are your brothers your grandma who all love you so much. Especially your father. May I. Father Son. May she live long. Ilbilge Hatun made me a broth from the black Ram’s bone. You shouldn’t have bothered llbilge Hatun. You pay great attention to Osman. May he regain his health. In shaa Allah. Else my heart would not be at ease. I wanted to make him a broth with my own hands.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 02 part-02

Father the late mother of llbilge Hatun used to make this broth for her. And she prepared it for me Now I give you my word. When I regain my strength and energy IJI^huntforyou llbilge Hatun. Savci brother Gunduz brother! My brother praise be. you re well. You gave us the fright of our life My val iant. My crazy Osman. You said you go bird hunting and you bring human preys in tow ha? It just happened out of the blue brother And I couldn’t shut my eyes to it. Look my valiant we ve accepted your willfulness and… your bravery long since and we said eyvAllah to it. Gut you re not the only one Osman. We’re three brothers. we are three parts of one soul When something happens to one of us. the other two bum too. Next time you come across something like this send a word to us. too.

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