EPISODE 02 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is Episode number 02 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode of Season 3, Gunduz comes into the tent when he hears the crying of Halima and Mother Hayma. Mother Hayma tells Halima to stop crying infront of her son. Gunduz comes inside to near the body of his Father and start crying and tells his father to wakeup. Morther Hayma is seeing the symbol of Oghuz that should be the symbol of his state and instead of that its become the symbol of his funeral. Saeditin Kopek also comes there for condolence. Noorgul just ignore him that he knows that this man was not liked by his Bey Ertugrul in his life. Norrgul with his Alps go inside to the tent to the Ertugrul. They are mourning at Ertugrul that how will the black soil will embrace him.

The fineral is ready and everybody is now loudly crying. Gunduz is behind the funeral and he promises that he will tak revenge of his father. Funeral prayer has done and after the funeral prayer Ares also comes there for condolence who is actually the killer of Ertugrul. Noorgul tak an oath on the body of Ertugrul infront of Ares that he will take the revenge from those who done this to his Bey. Everybody in the tribe is ready to fight for revenge and will follow Noorgul on this path of revenge.

After perform condolonce with Zuljaan, Ares comes to Kopek that he hope to continue the peace agreement between the two states. Funeral has on the road to graveyard and Ares and Kopek has set the plan behind that. Ares has a smile on his face. After burrying Ertugrul Noorgul has do another speech there to be ready people for the revenge of thier leader. He gives courage to the people so they are ready for the battle for revenge. He has done a very fone and passionating speech there. Saedtin Kopek is very concerned about the Noorgul after his speech. Ertugrul is somewhere in a cave. When he sleeps he has a dream of his son Usman. Some Elderly people comes to him and tells him a good tidings that his son Usman will make a world state.

He will rule all over the world. Firstly Ertugrul sees a baby lies there in the cave but he does not know that who is this. Later on these elderly people tells him about him that this is his son Usman and to meet with him he has to stay alive. They tells him that this baby is the light from the Heaven and will be make the state of Justice in all over the world. They also pray for him that he will follow the path of Quran and Ahadees. Ertugrul also takes oath that his son will mnake this seal the symbol of our homeland and state.

Ertugrul has been kidnapped by a slave trader in that cave and he is also curing him in that cave. In the tribe the council meeting for a new Bey elections. Zuljaan is hopeful to continue the mission of his brother and also to take the revenge of him. All the beys are agree to accept the beyship of Zuljaan. As all beys are agree so they give him the sword, Kayi flag and Quran to tak an oath on him for the Beylik. Everybody kiss his hands to give him blessings.

Ertugrul is in dreams and taking his son Usman from the elderly people. He is calling the name of Usman whilesleeping and suddenly he wakeup. He asks the man who is curing him that who are you? He tells him that dont tire yourself i am treating you. This Episdoe is again longer then one hour so i have to split it into two parts and there is a good news that i have uploaded this Episode in 720p. In this Episode there is a Usman dream who will lead the world so the password for the first part is UsmanDream and thge password for Second part is ErtugrulisLiving. Watch and Enjoy.

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