EPISODE 64 Kurulus Osman

This is Last Episode No. 37 (64) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 64 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 64, Osman was satisfied to hear that Malhun was pregnant. Bala welcomed Osman with this news. notwithstanding, Osman was asked by Malhun to keep this news private for quite a while. So Osman emerged and asked everybody not to uncover this news. the lead representative came to meet with Sultan and requested the duty once more. the ruler let him know that he would empower and help Osman assuming the conflict started by Byzantium. Gunduz felt that Osman had confidential of something when he informed that new warriors had drawn nearer in Sogut.

Likewise, Osman educated his sibling about the pregnancy regarding Malhun. Zoe likewise felt that Malhun was considering. Dukas arrived at the palace and he immediately made an arrangement to assault. Zoe educated Nijkola about the pregnancy regarding Malhun to Nikola when he was conveying about Osman. Zoe was asked by Nikola to accomplish something as soon as could be expected. later Osman went to the Konya and educated the Sultan about the Plan regarding Nikola that he would follow through with something. the ruler answered that he definitely knew that and he had arranged a military for the fight to come.

At the point when Osman was getting back from the fields, he was gone after by the troopers of Mongolia. be that as it may, they were bombed in their endeavor of going after Osman. Zoe met with an old woman and let him know that she had sent her here in line with Nikola. the elderly person asked Zoe that the toxin will be a prepared shorty. Gonca was far fetched about the exercises of Zoe and informed Bala. Osman came to the Beys and informed them that The king was ready for the fight and the Beys said that they would help the Sultan. Once more following fifteen days, Osman met with Umur.

Osman was told by Umur about the area of the warriors of byzantine. Osman thought of it as some kind of trap yet later, he intended to attack subsequent to speaking with Leo. every one of the troopers in the palace were taken by Ducas and they attacked the towns. in any case, then again, Osman attacked a portion of the troopers of Byzantine. at the point when Osman killed the warriors of Byzantine, then he came to realize that everyone in the town was killed by Ducas. Likewise, Ducas said that he would get payback.

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