EPISODE 59 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 32 (59) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 59 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 59, Osman was told by sheik to end the contention between the two clans he needed to wed Malhun. Osman was stunned to listen to this and set to his cabin to consider over it. Nikola was educated that their arrangement had not been trailed by Umur and he had not gone after Togay. Umur returned to his tent and was irate over the wrongdoing of Osman. Togay got the assessments from Yason and examined them. He asked Osman needed to give assessment to the king. The fighters of Malhun were taken by Umur.

That evening, Osman ate and discussed his ist hunting with his dad. Additionally, he said that he wished to do hunting in the approaching day. After the supper, Osman was told by Bala that he wanted a spouse to help him. The approaching day, Osman had a get together with Beys and educated them concerning Togay. Then, Osman discussed the proposition of the sheik and needed to know the assessment of other Beys on this. After that Osman was prepared to set out for hunting then Kumral met him and wished to go with him for hunting.

During this, Cerkutay and Goktug arrived at the Mongolian base and informed Togay that the expense would be shipped off Sultan by Osman. Osman was asked by Kumral not to kill gazelles. Osman halted to take a rest and dozed. He had a fantasy. Indeed Osman reviewed the wish of his dad. He felt that he ought to settle on a choice. Osman got back to his tent and informed Bala that he would get hitched to Malhun in line with the sheik.

Bala was stunned at the wish of his dad however he requested that Osman satisfy it. Umur came to the palace of Nikola and informed him that because of Osman he was unable to assault. Nikola constrained him to attack Togay. Later he discussed the assault plan of Umur for Togay. Togay was secretly holding up in the wilderness and saw that Umur with his troopers had drawn nearer. Osman and sheik came to the tent of umur yet they didn’t track down anyone with the exception of Malhun

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