EPISODE 58 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 31 (58) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 58 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 58, The representative of Togay returned and told that Osman didn’t give him charge. Togay started a custom and promised that he would kill Osman. The legislative head of Geyhatu additionally encouraged to rebuff Osman for not giving duty. After this, an Emir was sent by Sultan Mesud to call Osman to the castle. Yason informed that Togay would show up and he would request charge. Yet, Nikola said to remain calm. Nikola requested that they assault Togay when he would come. Togay got a message conveyed by Yargucu.

Togay saw that he couldn’t kill Osman that is the reason he began to attack the masters of Byzantine to assemble the expenses. At the point when Osman and Sheik were talking, Goktug told that the Emir of Sultan would reach. Osman conversed with Emir in the plain. emir introduced him a gift which was sent by Sultan for Osman and called him to the royal residence. Togay arrived at the palace of Nikola and informed that Yason needed to presently cover charges.

Osman came to the castle and introduced gifts to the Sultan. Unexpectedly, Yargucu came into the room and started to arraign Osman. Osman let him know that he had not killed the representative. Too. Osman said that he would give assessment to just Sultan. Yargucu controlled himself and consented to the deal. At the point when Osman was leaving the royal residence, The Sultan requested that he try to avoid panicking. Osman return and informed the Beys that they had spoken with Sultan.

Gunduz confessed to that he captured the spy who let him know that Nikola planned to attack Togay. Osman met with Umur and enlightened him concerning the discussion with Sultan. That’s what umur answered, paying little mind to it, we would attack Togay. Osman chatted with Sheik and informed him that on the off chance that Togay is gone after by umur, the responsibility among him and Sultan would be finished.

Certuktay conversed with Sheik and acknowledged Islam. Ruler with his soldiers pursued Umur to stop him yet Umur told that he would go after in any capacity. Sheik constrained Umur to return and expressed Osman to get wed to Malhun.

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