EPISODE 57 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 30 (57) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 57 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman episode 57, the Byzantine armed force was gone after by Osman and his fighters. Kalanoz attempted to escape from the conflict since he felt that he was losing in the conflict however savci run behind him. Kalanoz went after Savci. He started to escape again when he saw that Osman is moving toward her. Kalanoz was gotten by Osman and moved to see the sibling of Kalanoz. Savci mentioned Osman to safeguard his family and kicked the bucket there. Osman killed kalanoz and started to cry. Lena was appealing to Allah when the troopers returned from the conflict.

Lena went out from his Bivouac and looked through his significant other Savci yet he was unable to track down her better half. Osman told about the demise of Savci and said they wouldn’t make happiness over their prosperity. At the point when Malhun requested to do battle Umur got irate yet Malhun said that they will get win in the conflict and furthermore told that Savci was a saint. Osman told about the commitment and battle of Savci in the conflict and afterward he took his body for the burial service.

Everybody petitioned God for saints that evening. Not entirely set in stone to send his little girl to Engru for the punishment in light of the fact that umur was enraged at his girl. Osman said that he would break the connection among Nikola and Togay by submitting to the Mongols. When umur heard this news, he started to battle with Osman. Osman let him know that everything is only a sort of play. Afterward, Osman moved to the confidential army installation of Mongols.

During this, different masters sent fighters and Nikola invited them and requested to prepare them for war. Osman requested that Togay do something so Nikola couldn’t go after Umur. Togay moved to Inegol and informed Nikola that he was the sole pointee in the boundary areas. Nikola told Osman that Osman is simply attempting to sell out Togay and is deluding him.

Malhun moved towards the tent of Osman instead of to go to Engru and let him know that her dad had punished her. Then, at that point, Osman met with umur and requested that he permit Malhun to go to wherever. The representative of Togay on the following day came to the tent of Osman and requested charge from him. Osman hit him and let him know that no one can request charge from Turks.

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