EPISODE 56 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 29 (56) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 55 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. The current week’s episode starts with a fight among Osman and the unbelievers. Malhun Hatun battles close by Osman with the strength of a fighter.

Togay and his Nokers don’t go up to the fight and Aya Nickola needs to get back to Inegol Castle crushed. Kalonos escapes into the forest with Savci pursuing him. Kalonos corners Savci and gives him a deadly physical issue he then, at that point, runs.

Osman chess Kalanos and finds him. Osman’s resentment is crazy. He thrashes Kalonos almost to death. He then returns him to where he left Savci biting the dust and set facing a tree. Before Savci bites the dust he passes the assurance of his child Ertugrul and his better half Lena under the control of his sibling.

Savci’s passing is horrendous for Osman and Gunduz. Kalonos grins at the turk’s demise. With one fast swipe of his blade Osman slices Kalonos down the middle. In the mean time, Umur Bey won’t acknowledge that his little girl resisted him and headed off to war with Osman. He anticipates rebuffing her when she returns.

Drums envoy the arrival of Osman and his fighters after the fight. This time albeit the fight was triumphant the expense has been perfect. Numerous men are martyred including Osman’s own sibling Savci. Grieving for the dead is heard all around the wanderer.

Osman can’t look at Lena without flinching. He has brought back the body of her better half. The anguish is however much Lena can stand. She has been let be in the wake of losing Bayhoca her child and presently her significant other Savci

Osman lets his kin know that they will hold a triumph function while grieving the passings of the saints in the traveler. He takes child Ertugrul in his arms. He kisses his temple. His sibling has asked that he safeguards his child.

Savci is said goodbye by his family and is covered close by his child Bayhoca. Lena chooses to pass on the traveler to live in Kuluchaiser. She takes child Ertugrul with her to live in wellbeing of the palace. Osman has had a triumph simply because of the way that Togay didn’t participate in the fight. Osman had caused Togay to accept that he planned to pay expenses to Geyhatu and he was complying with him.

Osman has been shown by his dad Ertugrul not to battle two adversaries simultaneously. In the event that Togay had joined Aya Nickola the result of the fight could never have been a triumph for the Turks. Aya Nickola gets 100 fighters from the Tekfur’s to help him in his fight against the Turks. In something like 3 days he has amassed 300 fighters.

Umur Bey rebuffs Malhun Hatun for joining with Osman. Her discipline for doing this is to be expelled from the clan and shipped off live with her Uncle in Enguru. She implores him not to oust her yet he is resolved that she will submit to him.

The trickster Petros is given to Bamsi Bey to be rebuffed. Bamsi Bey gives him his own knife with which he can attempt to commit suicide with. Bamsi Bey drives the blade profound into Petros’ body and lets him know that he made a considerable lot of his men be martyred and he has now gotten their payback.

Osman rides to meet with Togay. It is a hazardous move. So far Togay accepts that Osman will do whatever he says. Osman reminds Togay that they have an arrangement to the extent that Aya Nickola goes. Osman actually promises compliance to the Mongols since it suits him. Togay realizes that Osman is simply utilizing him and misleading him. He guarantees one day to remove his tongue.

Umur Bey is furious with Osman for managing the mongols. He has lost three children battling with the mongols. He fails to see the reason why Osman joins with his foe.

Osman is straightforward with Umur Bey, he lets him know that he needed to end the mongol collusion with Aya Nickola as they couldn’t remain against two foes at the one time. Umur Bey comprehends that this is just a game. Umur Bey swears he will stay quiet. Umur Bey lets Osman know that he didn’t give his authorization for his girl to battle close by him.

In the interim, Togay goes to see Aya Nickola. He carries with him a letter from Geyhatu allowing him to take the duties that the Tekfurs have gathered. He likewise lets him know that Umur Bey is presently under his insurance. Aya Nickola lets Togay know that ultimately he will be deceived by Osman.

Umur Bey doesn’t really accept that that he really wants assurance from Osman or Togay. He prepares with his unique round of penetrating Inegol Castle and making it his own. The following day Malhun Hatun passes on to travel to her Uncle. En route she rules against complying with her dad and turns towards the Kai migrant to express farewell to Osman.

Osman resents Umur Bey for sending her away. He tells her not to go to Erguru and to remain as his visitor until he figures the matter out.

Umur Bey gets a wooden chest shipped off him by Aya Nickola. Inside the chest are the heads of two of his Alps and a letter. The letter lets him know that the heads are in installment for double-crossing him and for Malhun Hatun joining Osman in the fight against him.

Osman looks Umur Bey in the face and lets him know that Malhun Hatun won’t be permitted to be shipped off Enguru. That evening Osman eats with two ladies at his feasting table. In the first part of the day Malhun Hatun gets back to her dad.

Osman is informed that Togay was joined by 100 more Nokers. Likewise the day for installment of the expenses to Togay has unfolded and Osman needs to settle on a choice what he will do. In the event that he proceeds with his game he should make good on the charges, on the off chance that he doesn’t will be confronted with a strike on his wanderer by Togay.

The assessments which are to be paid to Togay are coins which were acquire with the blood of his precursors. Osman gets together the coins and allows them to fall through his fingers. He lets Togay’s mongol courier know that assuming he imagines that he will give these coins to Togay he is off-base.

Osman tells inspires him to return a message to Togay. He advises him for a Mongol to request charges from a Turk resembles asking a lion for its prey. Osman advises him to get back to Togay and let him know that the Kai migrant never settles charges. He tosses the courier out of his tent. His choice has been made.

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