EPISODE 55 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 28 (55) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 55 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. The call to war of “God is Great” is heard as Osman and his Turks charge the unbelievers. The fact that they will have triumph makes kalonos and aya Nickola sure.

The Turks are persistent in their assault and to make things surprisingly better they are joined by Malhun Hatun and her Alps. Osman saves Malhun Hatun’s life during the most intense part of the conflict. Aya Nickola withdraws with Kalanos after he can see that he has been crushed. The triumph is Osman’s.

In the mean time, Savci, Goktug and Cerkutay set land the explosive in the passages with Aya Nickola’s troopers underground. The passages become their burial places as the explosive lights. Not one soul was left alive. Osman gets back to the traveler and the drums envoy a triumph. At the point when God is your ally who can be against you.

Malhun Hatun gets back to her dad with the fresh insight about the triumph. Osman was generally appreciative for the assistance of Umur Bey’s Alps. His little girl lets him know that Osman Bey saved her life. Umur Bey is dubious that his girl has developing affections for Osman Bey.

In the mean time Aya Nickola withdraws back to Inegol Castle where he torments the commandant of his fighters for not catching Sogut. Nickola is informed that Dundar Bey was killed by Osman for his double-crossing.

At the triumph supper that night Umur Bey sits with Osman during supper. Osman cautions him that Togay has returned and like a snake he will go after anyplace at whenever. Umur Bey actually needs to exchange with Aya Nickola and despite Osman’s good faith meets with him at Inegol Castle.

Aya Nickola places a covert operative inside Osman’s migrant. He does this by placing him into a gathering of exiles searching for safe-haven and benevolence in Osman’s wanderer. They have escaped after not having the option to pay the weighty assessments the Tekfur’s are requesting with a portion of these expenses going to Geyhatu.

Osman is kind and orders Goktug to plan tents for his new visitors and to give food to them. The evacuees are non-muslim which implies that more might come. He invites this. He can see his fantasy of an Islam State developing with the consideration of these evacuees. He isn’t ignorant that these outcasts could likewise be shipped off spy on him so he advises Goktug and Boran to keep their eyes on them in the event that there are tricksters among them.

Aya Nickola is presently left with not very many troopers and he realizes he must have a multitude of men to battle Osman. He thinks about Togay as a potential source, despite the fact that they are foes and have deceived each other in the past he has no other choice open to him.

Aya Nickola makes the coalition with Togay. They send Camua to Osman to let him know that he shouldn’t have acknowledged the displaced people without asking Togay first. Camua lets Osman know that in the event that he doesn’t surrender them then Togay and Aya Nickola will go after the migrant and it will be war.

Osman won’t show homage Togay’s alarming message nor will he surrendering the displaced people. Osman readies his Alps for a blessed conflict. Umur Bey can see an adjustment of his girl. Everything has to do with Osman Bey.

Petros and Simon have been imprisoned at the Kai wanderer for a really long time now. Osman involves Simon as a covert operative and requests that he go to Inegol Castle to find out when they are anticipating going after the traveler. Simon realizes that this could be a capital punishment to him.

All things being equal, Aya Nickola kills Simon. He gains from the deceiver he established in Osman’s migrant that Simon and Petros are prisoners. Osman just realizes that he has two days before they assault. Yet again he plans to do battle in his endeavor to wipe the terrains of the unbelievers however this time he has the mongols to fight with moreover. He won’t surrender the exiles nor back down. He realizes this fight will have many saints.

Malhun Hatun needs to take her Alps to help Osman in his fight yet her dad will not let her battle close by him. Her Alps are conflicted between submitting to her dad and defying her. They pursue the decision to join Osman. In the mean time, that night Bala gets Osman covering his face in a pink scarf. She feels envious when she sees this demonstration and the vibe of warmth that comes into her spouses face.

Bala shouldn’t need to have stressed, Osman delicately eliminates her hat and takes the pink scarf and places it over her head. He tells her that this scarf was his mom’s. It means everything to him. It is an image of his profound love for Bala. This signal arrives at profound inside Bala’s heart.

In the mean time, Togay and Aya Nickola settle on the area of their assault on Osman. Malhun Hatun and her Alps choose to resist Umur Bey and join Osman in the front line.

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