EPISODE 54 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 27 (54) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 54 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Dundar Bey has been gotten. He has double-crossed his kin and deceived his loved ones. He has been answerable for the passings of Bayhoca and Abdurrahman Ghazi. He has brought disgrace upon his dad Suleyman Shah.

Osman as he guaranteed hauls him through the traveler before the clan. He is spat upon as a swindler by his own kin. Osman causes him to sit before him and reply to his charges. Dunder Bey lets everybody know that he just needed the best for the Kais. His objective was to kill Osman and lead the Kais himself. He takes ownership of giving crucial data to the unbeliever foe, Aya Nickola, empowering him to trap Osman and his Alps every step of the way and agreeing with the Mongol, Togay.

Petros and Simon are likewise made to prostrate themselves before Osman. They are taken to the prison to be saved for cross examination by Osman. Osman at one time had wrapped his bow string around Dundar Bey’s neck for double-crossing his kin. He told Dundar Bey at the time that assuming he figured out that he at any point double-crossed him again that he would kill him with exactly the same bow.

Osman lets him know that he has deceived his Bey, his kin, his country and his religion. All charges are deserving of death. He advises Dundar Bey to say his last petitions and afterward he will kill him. The assignment of killing Dundar Bey is exceptionally harmful to Osman. He has grown up cherishing and regarding him as his dad’s sibling. He will currently be his killer.

Once more dundar Bey is strutted through the traveler and taken to the prison until his execution. Aygul advances toward the tent to talk with her dad once and for all. She faults him for the passing of her sibling. She faults him for accepting Hazal Hatun as his significant other after she killed her mom. She faults him for wedding her to Alisar Bey while all the time he purported to adore them.

As custom directs, Dundar Bey ought to be executed by strangulation from a bow. Osman orders Bala to send Hazel Hatun back to her sibling’s wanderer in shame. In the interim, at the Mongol camp Togay gets new requests from Geyhatu. He is to gather expenses to renew their supply of gold coins and to kill Osman and Aya Nickolaat a similar time.

The ideal opportunity for Dundar Bey’s execution has shown up. He is wearing dark robes for the occasion. As Dundar Bey strolls peacefully with just the Alps as the observers. Osman lets him know that he has been a dim stain on his kin and his granddad and father would be embarrassed about him. He has ended up being an aggravation in their souls that even his demise can not eradicate.

Dundar Bey requested one final wish before he passes on and that will be killed by Osman. Dundar likewise lets Osman know that on his last visit to Inegol Castle he saw a guide of the underground passages of Sogut and that Aya Nickola and Kalonos are wanting to strike Sogut.

Osman awards Dundar Bey his last desire. Dundar Bey is permitted to turn his back and leave Osman. Osman loads his bow with the bolt that killed Bayhoca. He focuses and sends the bolt profound into Dundar Bey’s body and ends his life on the spot. Inside his tent Osman hangs up his bow and sobs at what he has done.

Osman later gains from a tormented Petros that there are three passages running under Sogut. He makes Petros and Simon show him the passages. He cautions Petros and Simon that for them to remain alive they need to find out when the assault on Sogut will occur.

Simon presents to him the news that the assault is planned for the following day and they have not much opportunity to get ready. Aya Nickola’s fighters will enter the passages and attack Sogut from within.

Osman realizes that Umur Bey is anticipating taking another convoy of exchanging products into Inegol Castle. He lets Malhun Hatun know that she and her dad can compensate for every one of their slip-ups by aiding him. He requests that she lead the troop into Inegol Castle and to bring back black powder for him. He welcomes her to go along with him in a blessed conflict against the unbelievers.

The following day, consistent with her promise, Malhun Hatun enters Inegol Castle and takes the explosive and restores Osman’s confidence in her. Osman plan is to enter the passages and plant barrels of black powder in each passage with a definitive objective of catching Aya Nickola’s fighters are they enter to strike Sogut from the underground.

Togay watches from a distance as the duties which are intended for the Tekfurs draws nearer. He goes after the unbelievers and takes the duties. Aya Nickola and Kalonos start their walk on Sogut.

Simultaneously the fighters start their entrance into the Sogut burrows. At the point when all is good and well the wicks are lit by Savci, Cerkutay and Goktug. The circuits on the three barrels start to burn to the ground. In the interim, Osman drives his Alps against Aya Nickola and his soldiers out on the field.

Kalanos and Aya Nickola feel sure that triumph will be theirs, particularly as they accept that Sogut will be fall. Aya Nickola’s heathen troopers stand the ground prepared for a hard and fast conflict against Osman and his Turks. With a voice of “God is Great” the fight starts and Osman charges.

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