EPISODE 53 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 26 (53) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 53 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. The double crosser inside the Kai traveler has been recognized. It is Dundar Bey, sibling of Ertugrul Ghazi and Uncle to Osman Bey.

Umur Bey is in a tough situation. He has kept the double crossers ring from Osman for quite a while thus much has occurred during this time. Umur Bey lets Osman know that the ring was found on the day that Idris the Potter was killed.

Osman is rankled that Malhun Hatun and her dad had deceived him. Keeping down this essential piece of proof has prompted the passings of Bayhoca and Abdurrahman Ghazi. Osman pronounces that their untruths are not demonstrations of companionship.

While Osman and Umur Bey are contending, Dundar Bey enters the structure and hears his selling out has been found out. Dundar Bey puts his hand to his throat and recollects the bow string that Osman folded over his neck and his guaranteed cautioning that he will kill him assuming he at any point double-crossed him once more. Osman scans the commercial center for Dundar Bey however he escapes him.

Osman gets back to the Kai wanderer without his Uncle. He sits with his siblings and Bamsi Bey and shows them the ring that they all perceive. His pride and the need to get payback carries Osman to a goading outrage. Bamsi Bey has never seen Osman like this.

The siblings choose to keep down their retribution until the treacherous Dundar Bey can be long of his concealing spot. In the interim at Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola examines a strike with Commander Kalonos on the town of Sogut. He lets him know that they will enter Sogut from the mystery burrows under the town.

Dundar Bey who has no place else to go, introduces himself to Aya Nickola. The episode has left him drained and pale. He is in a terrible circumstance and expectations with the assistance of Petros that he can get his better half Hazal Hatun out of the Kai migrant.

Osman requests that Bala Hatun watch out for Hazal Hatun as she will ultimately direct them to Dundar Bey. Petros needs Hazal Hatun killed before she can tell Osman of their joint effort with Aya Nickola and Togay. Hazal Hatun determines from Petros and Simon that her better half is at Inegol Castle and Osman is searching for him all over. Petros lets Hazal Hatun know that she can’t return to the traveler and he has made a method of break for her.

Petros and Simon dig a grave for Hazal Hatun however she is saved from death by Osman and his Alps. They catch Petros and Simon however and they are returned to the Kai migrant.

Osman assembles his clan and lets them know that his own blood has sold out them all and the swindler is, as a matter of fact, his own Uncle Dundar. He guarantees them that he will find him and he will be rebuffed. Osman tells Aygul not to have an upset outlook on her dad. Aygul cautions Hazal Hatun that she has not failed to remember she killed her mom and she will get her payback when everything looks good.

Petros and Simon are taken to the Kai jail tent and consistently tormented until they tell Osman where Dundar Bey is stowing away. Osman is gobbled up inside with disdain and outrage for how Dundar Bey has treated him. He sends Gunduz Bey to Aya Nickola as an envoy. He advises Gunduz to do an arrangement with Aya Nickola in return for Dundar Bey yet he won’t give him property or terrains.

Gunduz is gotten by Aya Nickola and he requests his Uncle. Aya Nickola is offered 1,000 gold pieces in return for Dundar. Gunduz lets Dundar Bey know that he is a shame to his country and he has the blood of his own kin on his hands. Gunduz swears that there will be a day of devouring when Dundar kicks the bucket.

Aya Nickola puts last contacts to his arrangement to explode Sogut. He will utilize Kalonos and his soldiers to trap Osman when he passes on the migrant to go to the guide of Sogut. Right now the migrant will be vacant and Kalonos is told to take one more group of troopers and annihilate the wanderer totally. After not tolerating a monetary arrangement in return for Dundar Bey. Osman devises his very own arrangement to get Dundar out of the palace and into his hands.

Osman goes to the jail tent alone and talks with Petros and Simon. They have been tormented and restricted for a really long time. They appeal to God for Osman to kill them. He offers them an arrangement moreover. He lets Simon know that he will keep Petros as a detainee and he will go to Inegol Castle and meet with Dundar Bey subtly. He is to persuade Dundar Bey to take off to Constantinople.

Petros and Simon’s prize for doing this is to be sent back to the Pope to convey a letter from Osman. (Osman didn’t say whether Petros and Simon would conveyed be in any condition). They acknowledge the arrangement. Simon goes to Dundar Bey and lets him know that Osman has banished his significant other Hazal Hatun to her siblings migrant. Simon tells Dundar that Osman has acknowledged Aya Nickola’s payment so he must choose the option to leave with him for Constantinople or remain and be put in Osman’s grasp.

A hidden Dundar Bey leaves the palace evidently to meet with Simon. He shows up at a campground trusting it to be that of Petros and Simon he is shocked to find it is Osman and his Alps and he is gotten. Osman at last has him. Dundar has a profoundly frightened look all over. Osman lets him know that he will be killed and he can not have even a little piece of his predecessors land for his body to decay in as a grave.

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