EPISODE 48 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 21 (48) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

At the finish of last week’s episode Osman was baited into a snare set by Aya Nickola and Flatyos. Dundar Bey had deceived Osman once more and set him up trusting he would be butchered by Nickola and his fighters. This week the fight go on in a field where Osman is outmaneuvered on the two sides.

Osman and his Alps stand in mud up to their knees and can barely move as many floods of bolts are ruled down on them from the two sides. Bayhoca has taken two bolts conveyed by Flatyos. His dad is alongside himself with stress over his child.

The main way out is the forest and Osman hauls the injured nearer into the forest as individually they are taken out by Nickola’s toxophilite. Osman moves his men gradually towards the forest and onto strong ground. He has lost numerous Alps. They move into a cavern for security and insurance. They convey the injured on their backs.

Osman’s bowmen hold the unbelievers back from entering the cavern and this move empowers Osman to lead the injured and his men throughthe cave and out into security. It is obvious to Osman that they have been double-crossed by the trickster who is living in their wanderer. Osman swears that he will track down the swindler.

Osman accumulates which men he has left. He sends the injured back to the migrant. He trusts that Flatyos will find him. He vows to retaliate for the passing of his Alps.

In the mean time, the injured Turks return to the traveler. Bayhoca at this point is basically sick. His mom who is intensely pregnant is confronted with her biggest apprehension and that is her child might bite the dust. Seeing the injured Alps alongside the shortfall of Osman with the returning gathering passes on Dundar Bey to feel that Osman is dead. This carries a grin to his face.

In the mean time, Osman ambushes Flatyos and his fighters in the forest. Osman’s takes Flatyos alive so he can question him further about the name of the double crosser in his wanderer. However much Osman attempts Flatyos’ won’t unveil who the double crosser is.

Bayhoca doesn’t endure his wounds and gets out of his mom and father’s arms and into forever. To Lena this is a mind-blowing finish. Savci puts his child’s blade on his chest and encloses him by the new banner of the State. Dundar Bey is shaken when he sees Osman return alive. Both he and his significant other Hazal Hatun currently dread that Flatyos will talk and their disloyalty will be known to all.

Osman lets Savci know that rather than simply killing Flatyos, he took him back to the migrant so they can figure out who double-crossed them. Flatyos, albeit beaten by Osman won’t surrender the name of the swindler. Osman orders that Flatyos isn’t to kick the bucket until he lets them know who the backstabber is.

Savci and Lena can’t stand the possibility of their child’s killer is alive. Lena asks Savci before they cover their child to kill Flatyos in vengeance. Savci likewise gets strain to kill Flatyos from Dundar Bey. With Flatyos dead there is no one to let Osmans know who the backstabber is.

Osman lets Bala know that he has a fire in his heart which he can scarcely control. He experiences difficulty with his own longing to kill Flatyos however the deceiver is each present. In the calm of the night Savci and Lena creep into the jail tent. Flatyos lets them know that each time they consider their dead child they will recall him.

Lena advises him to consume in damnation and drives her blade into his body. Savci then, at that point, takes his own blade and pushes it significantly more profound into Flatyos’ body. Lena polishes off her retribution by putting her knife profound into his heart and Savci finishes his vengeance by cutting his throat.

Lena and Savci now breath a murmur of help yet their deed will include some significant downfalls. Osman stringently requested that Flatyos was to be kept alive and they don’t have any idea who the double crosser is. Because of the pressure and feeling of the day Lena starts giving birth. She brings forth a child which is a gift in the wake of losing Bayhoca.

Bayhoca is let go and a feeling of a bird takes his spirit to the sky. In the interim, Goktug and his Kuman Turks have ridden into the camp of the dark Shaman Mongol called Togay. He carries with him two boxes of records given to him by Osman.

Goktug tracks down Togay a power to battle with. His assault on the Kuman Turks is savage. To save his own life Goktug gets away from alone on his pony. He abandons the two boxes of records deliberately. In Constantinope, the Emperor removes strips Aya Nickola for not dealing with the rising Turkish issue in Sogut. Aya Nickola has lost Kuluchaisar Castle and presently Osman plans to attack Inegol Castle too. There has been no triumph.

Aya Nickola is brought the news that Flatyos was caught by Osman. The Emperor gives Aya Nickola one more officer to have Flatyos’ spot, Efeistos Kalanos. Efeistos will go with Aya Nickola back to Inegol Castle and assist him with managing Osman. Aya Nickola is let by the Emperor know that in the event that he loses Inegol Castle, he will lose his head too.

In the mean time, within the sight of Dundar Bey and Gunduz, Osman commits to destroy the backstabber when he tracks down him. Goktug was injured by Togay the Mongol. Osman is stressed over him as there has been no indication of him from that point onward. Osman sends Gunduz to attempt to track down him.

Malhun Hatun demands a group of people with Osman. She lets him know that her dad Umur Bey is almost at Sogut. She inquires as to whether she can proceed to meet him. Osman concurs however tells her he will go with her.

Malhun Hatun appears to be upset by this and tells him not to annoy. She lets him know that up until this point just three individuals realize that her dad is coming. Bala lets him know that Malhun Hatun accepts that the double crosser in the traveler is somebody exceptionally near Osman and where he goes peril will follow.

Osman has seen that since Malhun Hatun has been in the wanderer that Bala has been cold towards her. Bala lets him know that she has no faith in any individual who has no confidence in him, regardless of whether they are a Bey’s girl. She trusts he has a make vision of the way he is taking.

Petros visits Dundar Bey. Dundar lets him know that Flatyos is dead. Petros lets him know that he has presented to Osman an issue that he won’t view as simple to manage. The Black Shaman Mongol Togay. Consistent with his promise, Osman passes on his wanderer with Malhun Hatun to meet her dad Umur Bey. What he doesn’t see is the Black Shaman Mongol, Togay watching him from a good ways.

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