EPISODE 47 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 20 (47) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

Idris the Potter has been gotten out by Osman similar to a swindler. He is gotten yet before he can let Osman know who he was working for he is killed by a professional killers bolt. Idris let him know that his swindler lives and eats in his traveler.

In looking for the professional killer Boran finds a surprising nail like article on one of the dead bodies. Its importance to Osman’s and his foes isn’t known as of now. It is a nail looking like a fish. The genuine professional killer is Dundar Bey who escapes with the assistance of Petros the roman dealer. In the scurry of making his break Dundar Bey loses his ring.

Osman finds that the professional killer utilized uncommon bolt screws. Osman presently feels that he is managing unbelievers however the thing is confounding to Osman is that the bolt he removed from the professional killers body is different to the bolt he removed from Idris’ body. Demonstrating the genuine professional killer got away. It is obvious to Osman that he is being brought into a game and the swindler in his wanderer is involved. He arranges a pursuit of Idris’ tent for more proof to assist with disentangling the riddle.

Malhut Hatun finds Dundar Bey’s ring on the ground. She tells no one and conceals it from Osman and Bala.

In the mean time, Dundar Bey figures out that the two roman vendors have a union with Aya Nickola. His ability to deceive Osman develops with each moment. Dundar Bey has gone excessively far this time and converges with Petros against Osman with the expectation that he will understand his fantasy about turning into the head of the Kais. At the point when Osman held the bow string around his neck Osman guaranteed him that in the event that he at any point figures out that he has sold out him once more, he would end his life.

Petros who has a partnership with the mongols will get Geyhatu to go after Umur Bey before he joins Osman. Petros doesn’t believe that Osman should converge with Umur Bey who has a bigger clan than Osman. In our episode last week, Aya Nickola has been requested to introduce himself to the Emperor of Constantinople. He gets ready for the excursion.

In the mean time, Goktug keeps on spying for Osman at Inegol Castle. He provides Aya Nickola with a bunch of reports having a place with Osman. Goktug saved these reports in last week’s episode and gave them to Osman however these are not the archives that the Roman shippers are later. These reports mean very little to Osman. The other hereditary reports are all around stowed away and will stay protected with Osman.

Osman finds a little silver cross in Idris’ own possessions, verification that he was a backstabber. Bamsi Bey perceives the metal item as an indication of the fish. He lets Osman know that main the individuals who are near the Pope wear these. Malhun Hatun sends a letter to her dad Umur Bey letting him know that Osman includes a swindler inside the Kai traveler. She knows its identity as she found Dundar Bey’s ring.

Osman gets news that Aya Nickola is venturing out to Constantinople. He intends to snare him on his way. Gunduz is told to remain and safeguard the migrant and Dundar Bey needs to remain and submit to him. Bambi Bey cautions Osman that it will be an extraordinary fight and many will pass on. Yet again much to their dismay that Dundar Bey will double-cross Osman and let their foes know where they will snare them.

Selcan Hatun is really great for Bala, she tells her that on the grounds that Osman might take another spouse so he can have a main successor it doesn’t imply that he has eliminated her from his heart.

Malhun Hatun is a seriously sharp lady. She thumps back the land that Osman offers to her dad and their clan. She stands up for her clan and haggles for better land where the clan can exchange with new water and great brushing land. Osman values Malhun Hatun’s dedication to her clan and gives her the bundle of land she looks for. Malhun Hatun actually has Dundar Bey’s ring in her grasp. She hasn’t given the ring to Osman yet or let him know where she tracked down it. As she leaves his tent Osman lets himself know that she is an ideal little girl of a Bey.

The proposal of land is made open to Selcan Hatun’s family and all in their migrant. Selcan Hatun is told to proceed to let her family know that Osman is welcoming them to remain and they will have place where there is their own and they will have wellbeing and security. Selcan passes on the traveler to carry the news to her loved ones. Osman and his Alps ride to do fight with Aya Nickola.

They leave their ponies some separation from the arranged snare site and go further on by foot. Osman’s military is developing and there are a lot more Alps who have gone along with him. At Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola gets ready to leave for his excursion to Constantinople. He appears to be amped up for his outing. He has a ulterior thought process as he has laid out a snare for Osman and the Alps.

Malhun Hatun searches for Dundar Bey. She can’t track down him. She fears that Osman might be a survivor of Dundar Bey’s injustice. The fact that he is in Sogut makes her educated. She goes there searching for him.

Savci and Lena can’t keep Bayhoca away from joining the Alps. He is bold and fearless however yet still so youthful. He is permitted to join his dad on the arranged snare and says farewell to his mom. Osman and Savci watch as he rehearses swordplay with the Alps. The two his dad and Osman are glad for him. Bala Hatun and Gonca have no faith in Malhun Hatun. Bala feels that there is something about her that she isn’t telling them and it simply doesn’t feel right.

Osman drives his men into fight. They unobtrusively creep through the snow to they can overwhelm their adversary. Aya Nickola with a little group of warriors walk towards the snare site.

The request is given to go after by Osman. Boran drives the bowmen into position while Osman moves his men by walking towards the unbelievers. Aya Nickola and his men are brought into a little gathering safeguarding their chief. Osman’s bowmen takes them out each in turn.

Osman is gone after from the back by Flatyos. Bayhoca takes two bolts and lies on the ground with his dad twisting around him. Savci seeks Osman for help. Osman can see that they have entered a snare and he is encircled by Aya Nickola’s soldiers of fighters. He actually stops as though he is sitting tight for something.

Osman can see that they are dwarfed and will be butchered by the christians. Aya Nickola raises his sword showing to assault.

In the mean time in Sogut, Dundar Bey sits in a bar eating and drinking lager. Malhun Hatun tracks down him there. He can see his ring on her hand. She is presently in an ideal situation to coerce him.

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