EPISODE 42 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 15 (42) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 42 of Kurulus Osman. Aya Nickola has concluded that Osman is becoming areas of strength for to necessities to halted before it is past the point of no return. He sets up for substitution warriors to be sent from Constantinople.

Alexander the christian crusader has shown up at Inegol Castle. He has carried another crown with him given to Aya Nickola by the Emperor of Constaninople. Aya Nickola is made the head Tekfur of all the Tekfurs in the land. Aya Nickola is told by Alexander that an enormous power of fighters are walking towards the Castle and these soldiers are to be utilized to clear out his foe Osman Bey.

Osman realizes that the officers are coming and needs to strike rapidly before the christian warriors show up at Inegol Castle. As the group of warriors close to their objective Osman assaults. The fight is savage and the christians are crushed every step of the way. The Turks are persevering and there is no call for benevolence and none is given.

Savci and Lena’s child Bayhoca, didn’t have any desire to be dealt with like a kid back in the traveler. His longing was to battle in the heavenly conflict close by Osman and be dealt with like a man. His mom and father wouldn’t let him go. We see him today battling like a genuine Turk close by Osman and his Alps.

The fight go on for a really long time and Alexander can see they have been squashed by the strength of the Turks. Osman is triumphant and toward the finish of the fight. He surrenders the magnificence of his triumph to God.

This fight is a defining moment for Osman in his interest to overcome Aya Nickola. Without the additional soldiers he is obvious to go after Inegol Castle. He guarantees himself that he will see the dearest Kai banner hovering over the bulwarks of Inegol Castle very soon.

Back at the Kai traveler Bala has almost finished the structure of her new school. She puts Hazal Hatun accountable for setting up the tents and Lena Hatun is given the obligation of embellishing the internal parts in availability for the kids and educators.

Fresh insight about Osman’s triumph over the unbelievers arrives at Sogut. The two Roman traders hear how Aya Nickola has been crushed. Dundar Bey believed isn’t so energized by the news. He feels just envy.

Osman gets back to the wanderer and tells Ali, who is the little fellow what father’s identity was’ killed for needing to join Osman, that he has gotten payback for the passing of his dad as guaranteed. He gives him his dad’s pony and his sword and commitments him that as he develops he will ride next to him as one of his Alps. He enrolls him to be his eyes and ears around the traveler.

یہ قسط کا پہلا حصہ ہے غلطی سے ویڈیو پر پارٹ 2 لکھا گیا ہے۔

In the mean time at Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola has made a designed cover of earth. He has quite recently been recounted the slaughter of his soldiers. He is informed that Commander Alexander is alive yet injured. His resentment and want to find and kill Osman heightens. He assembles a conference of all the Tekfurs in the land to assist him with battling the Turks.

At the Kais migrant, Osman is blessed to receive a staggering top-down restructuring as they safeguard their young chief. The clan applauds his name for his triumph. Consequently Osman shares the gold he took from the unbelievers. Each individual from the Kai clan will gets an offer. Osman pronounces that they won’t quit battling nor will any Turk take off. He proclaims that God will be given the triumph in all that they do.

That night Osman who has been given a portion of the gold from the unbelievers moves around Sogut hung in a dull shroud so as not to draw consideration. He leaves cash, food and dress for poor people. He later re-visitations of his tent to impart a dinner to his loved ones.

Boran and Gonca talk about their thoughts for one another as their relationship develops. They request that Osman set a wedding date and favor their marriage. Then again Cerkutay is stricken with Aygul. Dundar Bey is allowed one more opportunity to be relied upon. He is put responsible for the exchanging merchandise brought into Sogut and which will be sold by the two shippers who are truly deceivers and Romans. He anticipates that the products should be sold reasonably.

Dundar Bey acknowledges his new position yet under he needs to pay back Osman for putting his bow string around his neck and gagging him. He guarantees his better half that he will make him pay one day.

That night Osman sits and deals with another banner for the impending Islamic State. He trusts this banner will turn into the banner of Islam everywhere. He arranges Bala to get the ladies to start winding around his plan. He additionally sits and once again peruses his dad’s Will. In their room Bala sets herself up for bed. She lets down her hair figuring soon her cherished will join her.

Osman has nodded off while planning his new banner. In a fantasy he is visited by his dad Ertugrul, who favors the new Islamic banner. Ertugrul lets him know he needs to submit to his Will and that is to wed and for his new lady of the hour to deliver a successor. In his fantasy Osman sees a lady with a white cloak over her face. She is conveying a child, likely his child however he can’t see her face.

Osman has not been faithful to Ertugrul in his Will. He knows that he will make’s Bala extremely upset by picking another spouse yet he will have no other decision. He should comply with his dad’s will. When Osman rises from his fantasy he advances into his room where he finds Bala hanging tight for him. He feels weighty with the weight of everything he say to her. He moves toward Bala and one glance at his face tells her that he is upset. He takes her hands in his and tells her that his dad before he kicked the bucket has requested him to remarry.

With genuine boldness Bala tells him on the off chance that his dad has willed him to remarry, he should be respectful. Destroys well in her eyes as she advises him to feel free to comply with his dad and that this was bound to be their destiny. In spite of the fact that she is crushed she stays solid. He kisses her when he sees that she has acknowledged their destiny.

As Osman leaves their room Bala tumbles to her knees and sobs. Osman can hear her crying from the room nearby and the wails tear at his heart. Osman finds no happiness in everything that he has said to her. His heart breaks. He has been guaranteed youngsters yet he maintained that those kids should be with the one he cherishes. He has now broken the core of the one he adores the most.

Osman sits in an obscured corner behind his high position with destroys running his face. He inquires as to why so much has been requested from him.

The “Heavenly Man” enters Osman’s tent. He can see that Osman is miserable and troubled. He lets him know that he has presented to him a present. The present is a little asking dish. He requests that Osman utilize this dish in the future as a gift from him and that he should start to ask for information before he can be an extraordinary Bey.

The “Sacred Man” predicts that Osman’s name will become well known and numerous choice will be made inside his tent. He additionally predicts that his name will be on everyones lips and they will refer to him as “Ottoman” and he will direct his kin and they will be known as the Ottoman’s of this world.

Osman ascends to his feet not feeling miserable any longer. He draws strength from the “Blessed Man’s” forecasts. He gives acclaim to God. The tears have evaporated.

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