EPISODE 41 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 14 (41) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 41 of Kurulus Osman. Targun realizes that she can never wed Osman in the event that she is definitely not a Muslim. In spite of the fact that she has been shown the moves toward turning into a Muslim she shows no profound craving to go with her vows. Bala has no faith in Targun and advises her to avoid her man.

Last week Bamsi Bey let Osman know that he planned to let him in on a mysterious which must be told to the Bey of the Kais. Bamsi Bey takes Osman to the mystery cave with the privileged insights he has safeguarded for his entire life.

In the secret cavern Bamsi Bey teaches Osman on the memorable hereditary reports. These records will assist Osman with joining the clans. Osman lets Bamsi Bey know that he will give his life for a free State for his kin.

Pedro and Metin have been fruitful in assisting Flatius with getting away. Idris who is professing to be a Turkish Bey nut reallyis a Roman Priest looking to cut down the Turks. The two men watch as Bamsi Bey and Osman ride past en route to the cavern and they follow them. In the interim, Boran and Goktug have quite recently figured out that Flatius has gotten away from the jail tent. Goktug is irate as he has quite recently been offered the distinction of driving the Alps by Osman and on his most memorable day of obligation he loses Flatius.

At the Kai wanderer, the ladies assemble and invite Bala as their chief and spouse of their Bey. Bala is pleased with her new position. Her guidance to the ladies is to let them know that she believes them all should peruse and compose and consequently to then show their youngsters. Bala is regarded by the ladies and they share sherbet together. Sadly the sherbet has been harmed by Targun.

Osman leaves Bamsi Bey in the secret cavern and gets back to the wanderer. He is told by Goktug that Flatius has gotten away. Osman detaches strips Goktug. He is furious and needs to confront Dundar Bey and Savci when they ridicule his authority which has just barely started. Osman is shocked when his Bala enters his tent unannounced. One glance at her lets him know that something is off-base. He rushes to snatch her as she tumbles to the floor oblivious.

Clearly Bala has been harmed. Targun races into the room and lets Osman know that she has insight in these things and gives a remedy. Osman hangs over his Bala and refers to her as “his rose”. He then starts to appeal to God for her. Bala recovers cognizance subsequent to taking the antitoxin. Targun Hatun additionally shows she is appreciative that Bala has endure however where it counts actually she trusted that she would bite the dust. Osman recollects the toxic substance that Targun had given him when she was approached to harm the Beys. He looks at Targun without flinching and arranges Targun to be secured in the jail tent.

In the mean time, the furnished men have found the secret cavern. They thought there was just an elderly person inside yet they are faced by Bamsi Bey who is utterly insane with rage that his safe-haven has been compromised. Not one man leaves the cavern alive yet Bamsi Bey gets an extreme physical issue to his sword arm. With the assistance of Cerkutay and Abdurrahman Gazi the sacred relics are shipped back to the wanderer.

Bala is exceptionally sick yet Osman doesn’t walk out on her. He is fortunate she is alive. She peers profound inside his eyes and lets him know that she has been not able to give him a successor which is her most prominent desire. He tells her he needs to hold on until they have a youngster together. Bala isn’t generally so sure as Osman about that forecast and lets him know that if he had a main successor no one could want to kill her. He tells her not to stress over having a main successor but rather to simply ponder their affection.

That evening as Osman waxes his bow he is insightful about the occasions of the day and the difficult task that lies before him. Osman is brought news that Dundar Bey has gotten together with Aya Nickola covertly. This news chafes Osman as he can see that Dundar Bey actually needs to be the Bey of the Kais and is ready to double-cross his kin.

Targun is brought before Osman. She admits that she cherishes him and believes him should wed her and she was scared that he planned to dismiss her. Her energy for him is solid however he tells her that there is just a single love in his life and that is Bala and she has fixed his affection in him until the end of time.

Targun presently feels that her adoration has been rejected by Osman. She is envious of his craving for his better half. Her outrage erupts from her and she lets him know she wishes that she had not given Bala the counteractant to the toxic substance. Osman slaps her to the ground and tells her in the event that she was not a lady he would have ended her life on the spot. He ousts her and her dad from the Kais migrant.

He then, at that point, goes to Goktug who has been watching what was happening. He lets him know that he is frustrated in him for losing their foe. His displeasure is outrageous and he banishes Goktug additionally from the wanderer. He slaps Goktug to the ground additionally and advises him to stay away forever.

Bala can’t comprehend the reason why Osman let Targun go free nor why he ousted Goktug from the traveler. Bala accepts that any other person would have been executed on the spot at this point he let Targun go. She feels somewhat envious and irate with her better half yet Osman makes sense of that there are a few things that he alone knows and she should hold on to find out.

In the interim, Dundar Bey gets back from seeing Aya Nickola. Boran has been watching out for him to return and quickly lets him know that Osman needs to see him. Dundar Bey is apprehensive as he sees Savci, Gunduz and Osman anticipating for himself and Osman looks tense.

Osman orders Boran to eliminate any weapons from Dundar Bey. Osman orders Dundar Bey to explain to him why he went to see Aya Nickola. Dundar Bey lets him know that Aya Nickola believes him should kill Osman. He lets Osman know that he consented to all that to allow him to accept he was a backstabber.

Dundar Bey lets Osman know that he maintained that Aya Nickola should trust him so he can be brought into a snare. Osman shakes with outrage that Dundar Bey would go despite his good faith and not let him know he doing. Before everybody Osman takes his bow string and folds it over Dundar Bey’s neck. He draws increasingly tight swearing that there will be no double crossers in his traveler and cautions everybody that he will be informed everything in future and there will be no mysteries .

Bamsi Bey gets back to the wanderer injured yet with his valuable heavenly relics safe. Bamsi Bey lets Osman know that there is a backstabber in the wanderer who realize that they were going to a mystery place and had them followed. Bamsi Bey makes a move to give Osman the Last Will and Testament of his dad. He feels glad to peruse that Ertugrul passed on the Beylic to him and had confidence in him. Toward the finish of his Will, Ertugrul orders Osman to wed another lady so he can have a main successor.

The two romans wonder around the Kais migrant uninhibitedly without anyone being dubious of them. Osman has become friends with them and thinking they are traders gives them a shop in Sogut to sell their products. In the mean time, Dundar Bey is goaded and humiliated by the discipline managed to him by his nephew. He is loaded up with retribution against Osman. He examines an arrangement with his significant other to request pardoning so he can stay near Osman however he will resemble a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He tells his better half she needs to do exactly the same thing and when all is good and well he will take the bow that Osman folded over his neck and choke him with it.

That night at an exceptional supper facilitated by Osman, Dundar Bey requests that Osman pardon him. Osman acknowledges his solicitation to be excused and lets him know that it can’t reoccur. The supper is intended to stop the battling inside the family. Bala is adequately recuperated to sit at the supper. This is whenever that the family first have eaten together without outrage or contentions. They all consent to really try to get along together.

Osman is informed that individuals are getting across the land traveling west. Osman calls them wise individuals. Individuals will make the new city of Medresa. Osman thinks about that Medresa will require new states and he persuades you to think that he just may make the principal Turkish State.

Osman lets his siblings know that prior to whatever else he will take Inegol Castle. It is a troublesome errand as it is intensely braced. He should convince his dads companions who are all Beys to go along with him.

Bamsi Bey and Cerkutay are turning out to be very close. Cerkutay deals with Bamsi Bey like a mentor. Bamsi Bey lets Cerkutay know that he will prepare him to be the following Bamsi Bey to battle close by Osman. Cerkutay acknowledges the demand. Osman orders Savci to meet with Aya Nickola and let him know that he needs to reconcile. The objective being to coax Aya Nickola out of Inegol Castle.

Bayhoca inquires as to whether he can go along with him. He is extremely youthful however Osman will gives him authorization in the event that his mom and father concur.

Aya Nickola and the two romans make arrangement to kill all the Beys as they travel to Sogut for a gathering with Osman the next day. The objective of the gathering is to join together. They send Flatius to kill all the Beys before they can get to the gathering. Flatius passes on a little kid to recount to Osman the narrative of what happened when the kid shows up in Sogut.

In Sogut, Osman shows up to the happy yells of “may Osman Bey live forever” and “welcome” from the locals. Osman guarantees them success. Taylak Arsland joins Osman and his Alps at the market in Sogut. Taylak lets him know that he is prepared to go along with him to overcome Inegol Castle.

Osman sees there are very few Beys at the marketplace. He then, at that point, hears the calls of a little child as he drives his dead dad into the market. The little kid lets Osman know that his dad was killed as he was en route to join his fight. The two romans are likewise at the marketplace at their new shop given to them by Osman. Petros hangs over and murmurs to Metin that Osman has seen nothing yet.

Similarly as Petros anticipated a cart stacked with the collections of dead Bey’s enters the marketplace. It is clear to Osman that they have been deceived again by a deceiver inside their wanderer. There is a note gotten to the wooden cart. The unknown note peruses that this is just the beginning and it will go on until each Turk is dead

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