EPISODE 40 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 13 (40) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 38 of Kurulus Osman. Toward the finish of last week’s episode we saw Aya Nickola getting back from his fruitless effort to strike the Kais traveler. Flatius is caught and held in the Kai jail. Targun who was spying for Aya Nickola was supposed to harm all the Bey’s at the Toy Council Meeting yet rather she sold out Aya Nickola and gave the toxin to Osman. Osman as a trade-off for her steadfastness protected her dad from his insidious grasps. The episode shut with the passing and internment of Ertugrul Gazi.

This week we start the new episode at the grave site of Ertugrul Gazi. Osman welcomes his dad and supplicates over his grave letting him know that he will spread the word about the Turks all through the world.

Two men meet Osman at the grave site. They let him know that they have come on a journey from Aleppo to show their regards to Ertugrul. Osman sends them to the Inn in Sogut as his visitor to rest from their excursion. They are invited at the Inn by Idris one of the Bey’s who will be sitting at the Council Meeting. At the point when the men are shown their room their genuine personality is uncovered. They are not Turks but rather Christians and their words to Osman were lies. To the extent that anybody realizes Idris is a Turk yet reality becomes evident that he is a Roman. He is told to protect Flatius from the jail.

In the mean time, back at the Kai traveler the test to turn into the head of the Kais is as yet uncertain. Savci, Dundar Bey, Gunduz and Osman are the competitors. Ertugrul Gazi kicked the bucket before he could talk the name of his replacement. Envy and strength eats at Savci and Dundar Bey like an infection, even their spouses challenge furiously each other for the option to be the head ladies of the clan.

Dundar Bey has paid three Bey’s in gold to decide in favor of him at the gathering. He completely hopes to be the following Bey of the Kais. Osman knows about what he has done however Savci isn’t. Dundar Bey anticipates that Savci should decide in favor of him relying upon how the votes go and Savci anticipates that Dundar Bey should decide in favor of him assuming the vote ought to turn out well for him.

The Alp who is trusted blameless is Bamsi Bey. Bamsi Bey was given the charge by Ertugrul to safeguard and really focus on the blessed relics gathered by his progenitors. This has been a distinction for Bamsi Bey, the area of which is simply known to him. The relics are to be conveyed to his picked successor. He gets Suleyman Shah’s sword to provide for the legitimate successor.

The Toy Council Meeting is prepared to start. Bamsi Bey is the oldest and drives the gathering in Ertugrul’s nonappearance. He gives the names of Ertugrul’s three children and Dundar Bey as the need might arise to decide in favor of. Every applicant has an amazing chance to talk at the gathering and give their vote. Dundar Bey votes in favor of himself. Gunduz votes in favor of Osman and Osman votes in favor of himself. Bamsi Bey additionally votes in favor of Osman. The other Bey’s have their votes counted. They are even 5 for Dundar Bey and 5 for Osman.

The last vote to be projected comes from Savci who has not been given a solitary vote. Savci Bey won’t decide in favor of Dundar Bey in the wake of realizing that he paid the Beys to decide in favor of himself. Despite the fact that Savci frantically needs to be the Bey of the Kais he must choose the option to cast a ballot. He votes in favor of Osman.

Thus, the new Kai pioneer is Osman Bey. It is clear to Osman that selling out was brewing with Dundar Bey paying gold for votes , so in Osman’s eyes the appointment of a genuine pioneer has been compromised. He lets the Council know that the head of the Kais ought to tell the truth and reliable. He swears he will construct a State for the Kais and will overcome numerous urban communities in their name and he accepts that he is the ideal decision to lead the Kais and a commendable successor yet the vote must be a fair vote. He demands they vote again to ensure that the political decision is a genuine one.

The subsequent vote is consistent for Osman Bey and Osman can now take the administration realizing that he won truly. Dundar Bey ascends to leave the room after his loss. He is a bad sport. As head of the Kais Osman sets Dundar Bey free from his obligation.

Osman then, at that point, goes to Savci and lets him know that he has battled him every step of the way. He permitted Sogut to consume. He was against Kuluchaiser Castle being caught and at each fight he has never been there to guard the Kais or to offer Osman any help. Osman rebuffs him by eliminating him as head of the Alps. Savci acknowledges his discipline and leaves the wanderer alongside Dundar Bey. Abdurrahman Gazi leaves onto the means of the Council tent and addresses individuals. He lets them know that a Bey has been picked and it is Ertugrul’s child, Osman Bey.

Bamsi Bey is given a Will composed by Ertugrul and given to Abdurrahman Gazi before his demise. In this Will, Ertugrul Bey names Osman to be the Bey of the Kais. Albeit this report might have been utilized rather than a Council vote, Erugrul requested that his companion permit the vote to go on to check whether the Beys enthusiastically give their vote to Osman. He asked his companion to possibly utilize it on the off chance that it was fundamental. Bamsi Bey will put the Will with different relics held by him.

Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun are excited that Osman is picked as their Bey however Targun observes Osman’s triumph in an unexpected way. She shows Bala that she has her eyes on her better half.

The two men from Aleppo, Petro and Metin show up at Inegol Castle and present themselves before Aya Nickola. They present to him a message from the Pope requesting Aya Nickola to kill Osman. They the Pope wants for them to protect Flatius from the Kais. Aya Nickola lets them know that he will think about the Pope’s desire assuming they get Flatius out of the wanderer jail. Aya Nickola accepts that the two men are after a lot greater award than Osman. He lets Helen know that he will figure out what it is at last.

That evening there is an extraordinary festival in the Kai migrant. Osman is authoritatively appointed by the clan as their chief as customs would have it. The cry is for solidarity and for a State to be made. Osman rides through the wanderer with cheers of “May Osman Bey live forever” ringing in his ears.

Osman is given three gifts. One is the Qoran and the other is his dad’s blade which was given to him by Suleyman Shah . Osman’s hand fixes on the grip of the blade feeling the power that floods through him just by its presence. The banner of the Kais is his last gift which he is approached to take with him on his excursion to make a State for his kin. He tends to the clan and lets them know that they must have persistence and try sincerely so they can accomplish the fantasy about turning into a State.

Bala is so glad watching her significant other assume his legitimate position. She goes along with him in his recognition to God. The Ahis clan start to recite their gifts over Osman with petitions that torment the night air.

Not every person is blissful however with the result. Dundar Bey is close to himself with indignation regarding Savci not deciding in favor of him. He has been deprived of his order and humiliated. He swears vengeance.

In the quietness of his tent, Osman and Bala praise a blessing from heaven for them both. Osman embraces Bala. He tells her that as she is presently the spouse of the Bey of the Kais, that she will be supposed to lead the ladies in the wanderer . He tells her that she will have a tremendous work before her and she likewise needs to control Hazal Hatun (Dundar Bey’s significant other) and Lena (Savci’s better half). She tells Osman not to stress over her and that she will request help and shrewdness from Selcan Hatun.

Targun and her dad request a group of people with Osman. They are guided into his tent. Bala is there as is Selcan Hatun. Targun’s dad is the Bey of the Kuman Turks and has heard that his little girl is to be hitched to Osman. Osman doesn’t dismiss Targun as his significant other in any event, when she requests to turn into a Muslim. He asks that they talk about the matter further later on.

Bala could do without Targun. However much she attempts she can’t confide in her. There is an abhorrence between the two ladies. This present circumstance is a sensitive one and Osman needs time to choose what to do. Targun lets her dad know that not entirely set in stone to be the spouse of Osman Bey and where it counts her envy towards Bala is starting to go crazy.

In the mean time, Savci has lost the obligation of driving the Alps. However irate and troubled as he seems to be, Savci shows delight when he meets his child Bayhoca who has been isolated from him for a long while. Osman requires a gathering with his most confided in Alps. He them places of trust inside the clan. He gives the obligation of being the head of the Alps to Goktug as he has the information on a fighter.

Boran is to turn into Osman’s right hand man. Boran Alp will go any place Osman proceeds to will be the main one to know every one of his insider facts. Osman has seen that Dundar Bey and Savci have not jumped into any of the festivals and stand against him. He arranges Boran and Goktug to keep their eyes on the two of them.

Osman provides the request for Flatius to be executed the next day. He guarantees that Aya Nickola will have a similar destiny. Little does Osman has any idea that at exactly the same time Flatius breaks out of the jail tent after Idris conceals a weapon in his food. Flatius masks himself as a Turk and breaks his jail.

That night at Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola and the new couriers from the Pope settle on a manner by which they can polish Osman off. Toward the day’s end Bamsi Bey confesses to Osman that he has confidential. This mysterious he lets him know has been under his insurance for a long time and an obligation was given to him by Ertugrul Gazi.

Bamsi Bey lets him know that he is the one in particular who can see the mystery. He requests that he come to his cavern in the first part of the day and see the blessed relics which have been passed from down starting with one Bey then onto the next all through the ages.

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