EPISODE 32 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 05 (32) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 32 of Kurulus Osman. Bamsi Bey has effectively saved Osman’s life after he is gone after by Flatius. Osman passes on Bamsi Bey to search for his sibling Savci. Ertugrul with the assistance of Adburrahman Gazi has saved Goktug from the prisons of Inegol Castle. He is taken to Osman until all that chills off. Savci is determined to find Mongke with the goal that he can return him to Geyhatu. He has been informed that Mongke is being held in a prisons on the shore of the Black Sea. Much to his dismay that Savci has been double-crossed by Mongke and has been baited into a snare set by Taylak Aslan.

Osman accepts that his place is next to his sibling when it boils down to battling the Mongols. He realizes them so well. Despite the fact that Ertugrul has told him not to pursue Savci, Osman doesn’t submit to his dad. Goktug and Boran Alp anticipate Osman to go along with them. The Holy Man Kungar Abdal goes along with them and provides them with a guide of where Savci is being held. The drums of the Kayi clan resonate to the appearance of Bamsi Bey. The clan is eager to see him after so lengthy. It’s not possible for anyone to prevent him from jurrying to the tent of Ertugrul. They fall into every others arms in caring adoration.

Three old fighters actually remain steadfast together after so long. Bamsi Bey has been living underground throughout the course of recent years and dealing with the blessed relics shared with him by Ertugrul. He lets Ertugrul know that the relics are as yet free from any potential harm. Ertugrul imparts to Bamsi Bey how Osman is tenacious and won’t pay attention to him or different forerunners in the clan. Ertugrul accepts Osman should be rebuffed for his rebellion similarly as he would some other Bey in the clan. Ertugrul gives Bamsi Bey a mission to develop a safeguard line around the traveler as insurance.

Lena is Savci’s better half. She is pregnant and furthermore functions as a cultivator. She offers Bala Hatun an uncommon spice that might be useful to her become pregnant. Under ancestral regulation in the event that Bala Hatun can’t consider a youngster for Osman then he should require a subsequent spouse. This present circumstance profoundly disturbs Bala who realizes that Osman will be extremely humiliated knowing the ladies of the clan are discussing them.

In the mean time, in the beach front prison close to the Black Sea, Mongke gets extraordinary take pleasure in tormenting Savci. Savci trusted he could return Mongke to Geyhatu as he had guaranteed yet he is not doing so great and his main salvation is Osman. Mongke advises Savci that he needs to be the head of the relative multitude of Mongols. There is a lot of bad blood among Geyhatu and Mongke and he has made an arrangement with Taylak Aslan to go along with him against his dad.

The main Mongke realizes that he is enduring an onslaught is the point at which he hears the Turkish cries reverberating all through the underground passage as they advance towards the prison where Savci is being held. Savci realizes that Osman isn’t far away. Osman, Boran Alp and Goktug make an assault saving no one. They salvage Savci and catch Mongke. Savci thanks his sibling for not paying attention to him and saving his life. He cautions Osman that their dad won’t take his rebellion effectively and set him up for his rage.

Aya Nickola is angered by Goktug having the option to escape from his prison and Osman having the option to escape from Flatius. He trusted that under the “tit for tat” arrangement both would be dead at this point. As a discipline, Aya Nickola chooses to pursue Gunduz. It so happens that day that Gunduz leaves Kuluchaiser Castle and stops at the voyagers hotel. Aya Nickola finds him there and he is in one of his maniacal mind-sets . He cheerfully betrays Gunduz and drives his sword into his arm as discipline.

Aya Nickola commitments to Gunduz that assuming he at any point sees Osman or Goktug again he will kill them both. Gunduz is close to death and is shipped back to the traveler. Simultaneously the camp drums alert Geyhatu that they have a guest. It is Osman’s blessed man Kunga. At the absolute first sight of him Geyhatu could do without him and needs to kill him. Kunga isn’t compromised by him and lets him know that his weapons can’t hurt him. He lets Geyhatu know that he is a worker in the multitude of God.

Kunga cautions Geyhatu to leave the terrains of the Turks or he will be annihilated by his undetectable armed force. Geyhatu chuckles at him and attracts his blade preparation to kill him. Kunga opens his arms and with his Moses like staff downpours rocks on top of the Mongols in an overwhelming manner. In the interim, Savci and Osman have securely left the prisons and have rested. Savci is generally thankful to his sibling for saving his life. Around their open air fire Osman lets his sibling know that he can now see that the game they play is a lot greater than he suspected. It even includes a dad and child who are attempting to kill one another.

Osman lets Savci know that there is an outsider engaged with completing the arrangement. He accepts that Mongke could never have done everything without anyone else. Osman shares his doubts that he accepts Taylak Aslan is that individual. Gunduz shows up at the Kayi wanderer scarcely alive and is taken quickly into his tent to have his injuries treated. Ertugrul swears that when he manages Geyhatu he will deal with Aya Nickola himself.

Geyhatu is humiliated. He has been crushed by an elderly person and many rocks. He rebuffs his Nokers for not safeguarding him. He has looked for Osman and the sacred man yet can track down them. He chooses to go to the Kayi wanderer himself to track down him. Out and about Osman gets together with his heavenly man who lets him know that Geyhatu is walking on the Kais. Osman heads out rapidly to meet with him.

The nervousness over Gunduz and the vanishing of Osman and Savci gives Ertugrul chest torments. Sure signs that he is unwell. If he somehow managed to bite the dust the choice of who will lead the Turks out of his three children irritates him. He doesn’t be aware at this stage who he would pick. Taylak Arslan gets back to the Kayi migrant. No one knows obviously what has happened at the prison by the Black Sea. He lets his sister know that he has requested his men to go after Savci and Osman trying to safeguard Mongke.

Taylak tells Ertugrul that Geyhatu is walking his direction and Aya Nickola has his eyes on Kuluchaiser Castle and the Kayi wanderer. The tension, all things considered, is a lot for matured Ertugrul who breakdowns. Afterward, Taylak Arslan lets his sister know that today will be a day of homicide and he intends to stand apart as the victor toward the end. Geyhatu will kill Ertugrul and his children. Mongke will kill Geyhatu. Taylak will assume control over the Kais wanderer and combine efforts with Mongke and Osman will assume the fault.

The initial segment of Taylak’s arrangement falls flat when his troopers are shockingly gone after by Osman’s Alps. Savci distinguishes his aggressors as Turks. The clan assemble at Ertugrul’s traveler as he lies enduring with a high fever. Geyhatu isn’t excessively far away. Taylak acts honestly before Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey. Obviously the migrant has no pioneers that can deal with Geyhatu. Gunduz is injured and Ertugrul is exceptionally sick. They seek Dundar Bey for affirmation. He lets them know the Mongols are not excessively far away and he wants everyone to wage war to safeguard their home.

The drums envoy Geyhatu’s appearance. Taylak attempts to converse with Geyhatu yet he won’t be since time is running short of day. One more piece of his arrangement that has fizzled. Geyhatu tends to all the Kais from the means of Ertugrul’s traveler. He lets them know that he was guaranteed by Savci that he would present to him his child yet that has not occurred. He requests to see Osman who he has heard has taken his child.

He is informed that Osman isn’t there and that has not taken his child. It is difficult for Dundar Bey to guard Osman when he has not seen him for a really long time. Dundar lets him know that Savci was shipped off save his child and he has likewise not been seen for quite a long time. Osman makes all the difference and the drums and the voice of his kin messenger his coming. He rides into camp like a genuine friend in need of his kin on the rear of his sublime pony.

Geyhatu’s hand is fretful on his blade as he sees the young fellow on his dark horse ride into the wanderer with such strength. It is a stalemate between the two gatherings. Osman gives Geyhatu enough regard. He even needs to offer him a chilly Ayran. Geyhatu straightforwardly asks him for his child. He is informed that Mongke does not merit the significance of his predecessor Genghis Khan.

In the mean time, a note from Osman’s covert operative in Inegol Castle lets him know that Aya Nickola will go after Kuluchaiser Castle. The note additionally lets him know that there will be an assault from three sides. Helen who is Sofia’s on the right track hand lady has entered the Castle and set poison in the entirety of their food. When of the assault every one of the watchmen at Kuluchaiser ought to be dead.

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