EPISODE 29 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 02 of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 29 of Kurulus Osman.

In the wake of getting a message from Ertugrul, Osman departs on an excursion with Goktug to meet with his dad. The message is given by Kuzgun a hero evidently connected to Tavlak Arslan. Taylak is the sibling of Hazal, Dundar Bey’s better half. Osman and Goktug show up at their objective uninformed that it is a snare.

Osman is invigorated and pleased to meet his dad after such a long time and is directed to a disconnected place where he sees his dad sitting with his back to him. He calls to his dad yet gets no reaction. As Osman approaches he is cut in the chest by a man dressed and looking like Ertugrul. Osman currently can see that he has been baited into a snare.

Osman’s aggressors can’t hold him for extremely lengthy. He battles right out of the circumstance and departures with a serious injury in his shoulder. He runs towards the ponies and Goktug. Goktug who is sitting tight for Osman is gone after likewise yet Goktug is an influential man and butchers his foe. Osman and Goktug can’t perceive any of their aggressors yet Osman swears he will find out.

Goktug puts the harmed Osman on his pony yet there is no time for him to escape too. He stays behind to ward off the men and to give Osman time to get away. They overwhelm him and the last he sees of Osman is the assailants pursuing him through the timberland.

Back at the Kayi Village, Ertugrul is dubious of Dundar Bey’s significant other, Hazal. He accepts that she has something to do with Osman’s vanishing and could be working with her sibling against the Kais. Ertugrul has her captured and put in prison until his child returns home. He requests that Bala attempt and figure out what she knows.

Dundar Bey then again realizes that Ertugrul will rebuff him for double-crossing his kin and not supporting Osman as he ought to. He has a gathering with Ertugrul and requests pardoning however Ertugrul rebuffs him and sends him someplace far off, banished for good in Sogut. He isn’t permitted to get back to the Kayi migrant.

While Osman is attempting to get away from his detainers, Aya Nickola is having a discussion with the bust of Caesar. He lets Caesar know that he is the new Tekfur of Inego Castle and he is extremely amped up for his new position. He even acquaints Flatius with Caesar. It is clear the two of them have psychopathic inclinations and Aya Nickola is suspicious over Julius Caesar.

The drums in the Kayi town messenger guests to the migrant. The guests are Aya Nickola and Flatius. They look each piece a considerable foe for the Kais. They enter Ertugrul’s tent and stand peering down at an elderly person sitting on the ancestral privileged position. They accepted they would be introduced to Osman and are shocked to see the incredible Ertugrul welcoming them. Aya Nickola presents to Ertugrul a chest of gold as an olive branch from the Emperor of Constantinople. Ertugrul doesn’t acknowledged his gold. It is difficult for Flatius to keep down his scorn for Ertugrul as Ertugrul was liable for killing his dad. Aya Nickola guarantees Flatius that when he is done managing the Kais his dads blood will be vindicated.

The news that there is a plague of rodents in the market is brought to Dundar Bey’s ears. It very well may be seen that the rodents are passing on and may convey a plague. In the mean time, the harmed Osman has gone far on horse back with his detainers in pursuit. He has become debilitated by his injury and draining bountifully. He can’t hold tight significantly longer. He currently lies on the ground oblivious.

Osman is found by a Holy man who hauls him into his cavern and treats his injuries. Fortunately Gunduz shows up and salvages Goktug. Goktug tells Gunduz that Osman was driven into a snare and he is presently injured. They leave together to look for him. The drums again envoy guests to the Kayi wanderer. The traveler invites Savci Bey, child of Ertugrul and his better half. Savci finds his dad has let the traveler be.

In the Sogut backwoods Ertugrul is found gathering Abdurrahman Gazi who is his closest companion. They’re welcoming is one of warmth and love. They examine that they are maturing however leave their lives in the possession of God. Ertugrul is anxious to see Bamsi Bey and is informed he is just around the corner.

Ertugrul then, at that point, goes to Tavlak Arslan’s traveler alone. He questions him about the whereabouts of Kuzgun. Taylak can see that Ertugrul is dubious of his intensions to over toss the Kayi clan and utilizing his sister Hazal to help him.

Ailment starts to spread all through Sogut. The rodents presented by Aya Nickola and Flatius have gone about their business. They have increased and are loaded with infection. Dundar Bey requests his nephew Savci to assist with tackling the issue from the rodents.

In the mean time, Kuzgun and his group are as yet following Osman. Osman is currently by walking and venturing back home with the assistance of the Holy man. Together they bring Kuzgun into their own snare. Osman attempts to figure out who provided him the request however Kuzgun isn’t talking. Gunduz at long last tracks down his sibling and is glad to think that he is alive. Gunduz gives Osman the uplifting news that his dad Ertugrul looks for him back in the wanderer.

Gunduz sees Kuzgun beaten and lying on the ground. Osman lets his sibling know that despite the fact that they beat him he will in any case not surrender the name of the individual who put out up the snare to catch Osman. That evening Osman advises Gunduz that he can hardly hold back to see his dad. It has been for such a long time. Realizing he is hanging tight for him back at his migrant brings him happiness however expands his anxiety.

Hazal Hatun is still in prison. She can see that everybody is faulting her sibling for Osman’s trap yet she accepts it is another person and Osman, Ertugrul and the Kais are all in harm’s way. Savci ambushes a cart stacked with black powder bound for Inegol palace and Aya Nickola. In the mean time, in Osman’s tent, Ertugrul is struck by torment in his stomach. He is tracked down oblivious by Bala and gets quick treatment, albeit extremely sick he endures the assault.

At Osman’s night camp a battle breaks out between Boran Alp and Goktug. It is an arranged battle to permit Kuzgun to get away. This he does. Osman and his Alps trust that he will lead them straight back to his lord. He is found by mongols and hauled to their camp. At the Mongol camp Taylak Arslan is rooster battling with the Mongols. Not far away Boran Alp conceals in the bramble. Kuzgun is hauled through the camp and prostrated before Taylan. Kuzgun lets him know that Osman is after him.

At this stage we couldn’t say whether Taylak Arslan is the one answerable for ambushing Osman, despite the fact that it unquestionably seems as though it. At the point when Osman enters the mongol camp he tracks down every one of the mongols dead. He doesn’t track down Taylak Arslan or Kuzgun. He feels that there is a greater arrangement is hatching. He attempts to get an enduring mongol to let him know what occurred without progress.

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