EPISODE 18 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 18 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. As we have had a hole between Episode 17 and 18, I will lead you into the current week’s episode with a little recap as we go.

We initiate at the chateau of Alisar Bey. Aygul (Dundar Bey’s girl) attempts to illuminate her dad that it was her mom who told Balgay that Gunduz had let Geyhatu know that he had the Genghis Khan’s fortunes. This data prompted Gunduz being caught and tormented by Balgay and Batur Bey being killed because of Alisar Bey. Dundar Bey likewise accepts that it was Osman who had killed his child in retribution for his treachery.

Alisar Bey was given the title of Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu the mongol in Konya. Alisar Bey had made Dundar Bey head of the Kais clan albeit the Kais themselves have decided in favor of Gunduz as their chief. Alisar Bey guarantees Dundar Bey that he will give him back the Kais migrant assuming he remains close by him against Osman and Balgay..

Princess Adelpha who was on an excursion from Istanbul to Konya to be Geyhatu’s lady of the hour was caught by Osman. Osman sends Princess Adelpha to the Kais Village for her wellbeing.

Osman himself is caught by Balgay yet for once they consolidate against Alisar Bey, despite the fact that the two men have no faith in one another. Balgay’s compensation in aiding Osman is to at long last get his hands on the Genghis Khan treasures.

Boran and Princess Adelpha show up back at the Kais traveler without Osman. Princess Adelpha’s character is left well enough alone and she is really focused on inside the Kais migrant by Bala and Selcan Hatun.

Gunduz is unsettled when he is informed that Osman was caught by Balgay. He changes his arrangements to go after the house and sends his Alps looking for Osman.

Sovereign Salvador is informed that Osman and Balgay have combined efforts. Sofia has become dubious of Prince Salvador devotion.

Osman shows up at Alisar Bey’s manor.

Balgay likewise shows up at Alisar chateau and the two men stroll in together. Alisar Bey understands that Osman and Balgay currently have a collusion. Osman requests that Dundar Bey be gone over to him yet Osman figures out that Dundar Bey is no longer there.

Osman swears that the following time he sees Alisar Bey he will kill him. His new partnership with Balgay didn’t work well for him. He didn’t find Dundar Bey nor was there a multitude of mongols. Osman is consistent with his promise and tells Balgay the Genghis Khan’s fortunes lie with Yannis in Kuluchaiser Castle and Balgay pursues them.

Dundar Bey passed on the manor to venture out back to the Kais Village alongside his significant other and girl. They stop for rest and Zohre makes a move to enlighten Dundar regarding how she flew right by him and visited the mongols. His resentment was perfect. He currently knows that the majority of his allegations towards Gunduz and Osman have been without truth yet this actually doesn’t prevent him from showcasing his vengeance on Osman and Gunduz.

On showing up at the Kai Village, Dundar Bey is defied with Gunduz. One has been named head of the Kais by Alisar Bey and different has been named the head of the Kais traveler by elective vote.

Alisar Bey sends a letter to Geyhatu in Konya. He realizes that Princess Adelpha is undoubtedly being held in the Kais migrant and on the off chance that he and Dundar Bey can find her Geyhatu would shower them both with greatness and cash just to get her covered. Yet again then the title of head of the Kais would be Dundar Bey’s.

Dundar Bey conveys spies to attempt to find Princess Adelpha in the town. Assuming that they find her they are to catch her. Everything is to be finished in mystery. Dundar Bey is additionally prompted that his most memorable spouse and child are heading out to the migrant.

Osman sends Boran Alp to the Kai traveler to alarm them that Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey are looking for trouble. He likewise makes an impression on Bala Hatun to meet with him in private.

Balgay sends Kongar the mongol to Kuluchaiser Castle to affirm that the financial officers are really there. When Kongar has seen the fortunes he rides back to tell Balgay coming clean with him that Osman talked.

Two of Osman’s Alps have been shipped off keep their eyes out for any courier from Alisar Bey who is venturing out making progress toward Konya. It isn’t well before Alisar Beys courier conveying his letter to Geyhatu is seen.

Osman has a gathering with the Beys from Sogut. His example this time is to hold the regard and distinction of his kin together. They accept that the mongols are wanting to place fresh blood on the high position in Istanbul. Osman will attempt to figure out who this individual is.

Envy fabricates when Zohre sees a renewed person in the town being safeguarded by Selcan Hatun and Bala. Zohore needs to take care of all and plans to abduct Princess Adelpha realizing that she is getting at Osman simultaneously. She intends to utilize Burcin to correct her arrangement so doubt doesn’t fall upon herself or her girl.

Osman trusts that his darling will go along with him. He converses with his pony Karayel and lets him know it is the ideal opportunity for him to get hitched and on the off chance that Sheik Edebali doesn’t give his authorization for them to wed then he should capture Bala and be finished with it. Osman watches and trusts that his lovely lady will go along with him. At the point when she comes her grins illuminates his face.

Osman says thanks to God for composing Bala Hatun’s name in his destiny.

Bala brings Osman news that Dundar Bey is back in the Kai migrant. She likewise lets him know that Dundar Bey has let Gunduz know that he found the killer of his child when from the beginning he had been faulting Osman for his passing.

Boran Alp shows up at the apple tree with fresh insight about the catch of Zorba and gives Osman the letter that Alisar Bey sent with the courier. In the wake of perusing the letter Osman accepts that Dundar Bey will attempt to hijack the Princess.

In the interim Alisar Bey figures out that the courier he shipped off Geyhatu alongside his letter has been captured and Zorba has been hijacked. This news brings Alisar Bey into a fury. His game will be up assuming Osman figures out what is in the letter. A courier is shipped off alert Dundar Bey and to encourage him to kill Zorba immediately.

At the Kais migrant, while Bala Hatun is away gathering with Osman, Burcin approaches Princess Adelpha who is separated from everyone else close to her tent. In her grasp she has a water urn loaded up with sherbet. She offers Princess Adelpha a beverage which she takes cheerfully yet the beverage is bound with a medication.

Dundar Bey’s Alp finds where Zorba is being covered up. He endeavors to kill him however is caught.

Osman’s Alps attempt to grill the two of them yet an unknown bowman shoots Zorba. The toxophilite isn’t effective in killing him.

On showing up back from her gathering with Osman, Bala goes looking for Princess Adelpha and understands that she is mysteriously absent. She hustles to let Selcan Hatun know that the Princess has been grabbed.

Balgay sends Kongar to watch out for Osman while our unknown bowman is likewise out there searching for Osman.

Join GiveMe5 one week from now to figure out who is the unknown bowman and what is it that he need with Osman. Likewise, will Kongar the mongol rejoin with Konuralp his sibling.

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