EPISODE 11 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 11 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

At the end of last week’s episode, Balgay the Mongol had offered Osman the place of Sanjak Bey which is presently held by Alisar Bey.

This week’s episode initiates with Osman turning down Balgay’s deal and letting him know that he won’t be a pup on a chain for the Mongols. Balgay advises Osman that he needs to overcome Constantinople also. Osman answers that he won’t kneel before him. He tells him, “The day I comply with a Mongol will be the day there isn’t a Turk left on this earth.”

Balgay orders the mongols to ride to the new Bazaar and bring him back Sheik Edebali and kill every one of his dervishes. This request is heard by Osman and disturbs him. Bala is at the new Bazaar with her dad and she might be set in danger.

Fortunately Osman can make a departure from Balgay. He then delivers his Alps and they make their getaway. Their need is to hurry to the new Bazaar to save Sheik Edebali and Bala.

Meanwhile Gunduz and Dundar Bey are being tormented by Balgay . He rebuffs them on the grounds that Osman got away and wouldn’t take his proposition. In the end Dundar Bey consents to comply with Balgay to save his life. Balgay lets Dundar Bey know that he should demonstrate his dutifulness by carrying Osman to him.

Although Bala Hatun cautioned Sheik Edebali that the mongols are coming he actually wouldn’t leave the Bazaar. In the event that he had he might have missed the butcher of his kin by the Mongols yet for reasons unknown, the Mongols encompass Sheik Edebali and Bala prepared to kill them yet they are saved by Osman and his Alps .

Many Mongols are killed and numerous dervishes won’t see one more day. Konur Alp in attempting to save Sheik Edebali is caught. Osman andSheikh Edebali take Bala and getaway to a collapse the hills.

At Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia has Prince Salvador hanging in the prison while she torments him by tearing out his finger nails. He seems to be in an exceptionally terrible manner. To escape what is happening Prince Salvador lets Sofia know that Osman sent him to be caught so he can go about as a covert operative and hand-off data back to him.

Meanwhile Konur Alp is additionally being tormented by the Mongols. Osman isn’t probably going to leave Konur Alp in the possession of the Mongols and it ought not be well before Osman comes to his guide.

Osman is brought the news that Nezamettin was Master Yannis’ government operative at the new Bazaar.

Alisar Bey is irate that Osman and Sheik Edebali have had the option to get away from the grip of the Mongols. He rides to Hisar Castle to visit Balgay. Alisar Bey vows to assist with conveying the Mongol plunder for Balgay and acquaint him with Sofia, the most incredibly evil of all the infidels.

A Mongol gatekeeper brings a directive for Alisar Bey from Osman. The message is the assemblage of Nezamettin, Alisar Bey’s and Sofia’s government operative.

Alisar Bey realizes that Osman won’t stop until he has his blood. Balgay is unsettled either, Alisar Bey has set the Mongols in a terrible situation as to Osman. He truly maintained that Osman should kneel before him and to be his ally. Presently there will be war. Balgay swears that once he has Osman he will take Alisar Bey’s head.

Gunduz and Dundar Bey return safe to the Kayi Village. Batur Bey passes on the town set for attempt and kill Balgay.

Dundar Bey is advised by his significant other to give Osman to the Mongols.

Balgay enters Kuluchaiser Castle and is brought to see Princess Sofia. Underhanded meets evil. He gets her the head of Nezamettin a money box.

Master Yannis sees the crowd among Sofia and Balgay from a secret board. Sofia tells Balgay that Sheik Edibali is as much his foe as hers. Balgay requests that she be his special lady. Sofia lets him know she might be his fancy woman assuming he vanquishes Constantinople.

Sofia kisses his hand and quits in accommodation and dutifulness to his strength with a commitment of future union with him as his Queen.

Bala Hatun is shipped off the Kai clan to welcome back word on how the Kais have endure the Mongol assault. Selcan Hatun advises Bala that Dundar Bey has vowed to carry Osman to the Mongols in no less than three days or the Mongols will torch all the Kayi migrants. Gonca (Bala’s worker) ventures out back to Osman to hand-off the news while Bala stays with Selcan Hatun.

Dundar Bey holds a board meeting to examine the Mongol’s presence in their property. At the point when they are informed that the Mongols need Osman they stand together and request Dundar Bey to give him to them. Dundar Bey advises them to simply hold on until Osman who is exceptionally courageous turns up then they will catch him.

Master Yannis accepts he knows the way for Balgay to trap Osman and Sheik Edebali. He advances toward have his own crowd with Balgay. The two choose to combine efforts yet Balgay cautions Yannis that assuming he double-crosses him he will kill him and his daughter.

Meanwhile Osman and his Alps assume the mission of protecting Konuralp from inside the palace. It is a risky mission and when he at last shows up at his objective he observes that the Mongols are hanging tight for himself and they are trapped in a snare. Osman figures out how to get away yet his Alps are held as prisoners.

Batur Bey dissimilar to his dad tries to kill Balgay yet fizzles. He capitulates to Balgay ‘s sword.

Osman advances back to the cavern where sheik Edebali is concealing in security. Gonca has gotten back from the Kayi town and lets him know that the Mongols are hanging tight for him to surrender himself. Osman feels crushed. Every one of the towns have been attacked and all the Beys have been killed or made hostage. He presently hasn’t even got his Alps to help him.

Sheikh Edebali urges Osman to continue on and figure out how to pound the Mongols and save his kin. Osman provides Gonca an order to return to Selcan Hatun. (At this stage we don’t have any idea what that order is.)

Balgay and the Mongols advance toward the Kayi town alongside their hostages. They desire to flush Osman out. They lash the Alps together alongside Batur Bey and use them as truck ponies while Balgay whips them from behind.

With each lash of the whip the prisoners become more unyielding in their assurance to overcome the Mongols. They are embarrassingly hauled before the Kais and as they drag their injured and battered bodies through the group they speak loudly advising them to be fearless and not to do homage their captives.

Not excessively far away Bamsi Bey looks as his siblings are hauled through the town. He is embarrassed when he see’s Dundar Bey scared of the Mongols as opposed to taking the mental fortitude to battle them.

Osman sits in the forest and reviews how he swore Siddik (Prince Salvador) to quietness and requested that he double-cross him on the day they attacked Sofia’s treasury and took its gold. It has been left well enough alone from his Alps they actually accept that he double-crossed them. Osman has set Prince Salvador an undertaking yet he couldn’t say whether he has been fruitful or not as he hasn’t heard from him since that day.

Osman becomes mindful that someone is watching him from the forest. He is delivered oblivious by an obscurely dressed Turk who lets his oblivious body know that, “Your day has at last come Osman! ”

Meanwhile in a tent inside the migrant, Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun make toxic substance to be conveyed to our ravaging Mongols. At the point when Selcan Hatun carry Bamsi Bey into the tent to see what they are doing, he is informed that this is what Osman has requested them to do. She shows him a container of the most destructive harm you could imagine.

The Mongols enter the tent of Dundar Bey and with their predominance carry with them restored dread as a blade is held at the throat of Batur Bey. Balgay is stood up to with a very Selcan Hatun and swears in the event that they don’t serve him he will slit Batur Bey’s jugular before his mom and father.

Little do the Mongols have any idea that Selcan Hatun will face her very own conflict with poison that she has immersed their drinks.

Osman gets up to end up lying on a bed inside a mosque type room. He is directed into a room where his prisoners anticipate his presence. As he opens the entryway he is defied by a gathering of savvy Turkish men sitting and prepared for a meeting and clearly hanging tight for him.

His detainers are amicable. They let him know they have come to help him and they are from clans all around the land. To show Osman that they can be believed they give him his dads blade which he perceives right away.

Osman is informed that his granddad and his dad before him had a place with this renowned gathering of Turks. He is presently free to go along with them and with them the capacity to battle the Mongols and save his kin. They give him a crate which they say has the ability to stop the Mongols. He opens the crate and looks inside. At this stage we don’t have the foggiest idea what is in the box.

Food and drink is ready for Balgay in Dundar Bey’s tent. He starts to drink from the cup given to him by Selcan Hatun and afterward he stops and passes the cup to her to drink first.

When she is hesitant to drink he compels her mouth open and powers her to drink.

Our last scene sees Osman dashing through the field at a full run. He has opened the case that the old dads have given him. We don’t have the foggiest idea what was in that crate yet it unquestionably has spurred Osman to overcome the Mongols. He has restored trust and strength and conveys his dad’s knife with him, a sign that he will beat the Mongols.

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