EPISODE 09 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 9 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

Alisar Bey has shown up at the Kais town to capture Osman in the wake of finding out at Kuluchaiser Castle that Osman had killed Commander Kalonos. Sofia has made a friend in Alisar Bey and requests that he go to the Kais and carry back Osman to be punished.

The Kais have been dubious of Alisar Bey who ought to have had their wellbeing on a fundamental level yet they are figuring out that he may not be show them as much faithfulness as he should.

Osman asks Alisar Bey how he realize that Kalonos was dead. He let them know that he was at the palace when the news showed up however he didn’t let them know that he was living like royalty Sofia at that point.

Osman readily permits himself to be captured and driven out of the traveler tent to be taken to Hisar Castle to stand preliminary.

On the way to the palace Osman’s Alps salvage Osman from the hands of Alisar Bey. He won’t permit any of the gatekeepers to be killed and sets them all free.

Bamsi Bey switches Prince Salvador over completely to the muslim confidence and presently he needs to excuse him for murdering his child. In the end Bamsi needs to liberate him. (Is Prince Salvador simply saving his bacon? We should stand by to see the outcome.)

Master Yannis lets Sofia know that he has discovered that Alisar Bey is keen on Sheik Edebali’s girl Bala Hatun. Yannis will utilize this data to his benefit.

There is a gold shipment sent by Mongols in Konya . This gold has been taken from turks and is being shipped off Alisar Bey. The gold which has a place with turks ought to have a place with turks, says Osman. Osman realizes that Alisar Bey will save the gold for himself. He sends Abdurrahman Gazi to present to him the shipment gold.

Alisar Bey visits Bala Hatun in the new market. He attempts to play with her however she takes care of him and when he is informed that Osman got away from his gatekeepers he is infuriated. At the point when Bala Hatun requests insight about Osman and asks her dad for data in regards to him, Edebali advises her to mind her own business.

Cunningly Alisar Bey is playing Sofia. He has offered her Osman and exchange yet he hasn’t told her that Osman has gotten away from him. Neither one of the ones needs to stand by extremely well before they see Osman. He has come to them. He rides into Hisar Castle with his Alps and Prince Salvador and offers a genuine expression by his presence.

He gives up to Alisar Bey’s equity yet finds Alisar Bey prepared to kill him.

Sofia is caught. She will not recognize that she knows Prince Salvador. Osman advises her that it was compelled that Prince Salvador went after the marketplace and killed all that were in there. She calls Osman a liar however Prince Salvador defends Osman and lets Alisar Bey know that he is ready to go to a secret spot and recover all the gold and plunder that they took from the marketplace the night they struck it.

Alisar Bey is set in a place that he needs to make a move. He captures Sofia to go to preliminary however Sofia won’t do easily and she is truly fortunate that she wasn’t killed. Osman practically takes her head off with his blade.

As Sofia is driven away to the prisons she swears she will get revenge.

At the voyagers Inn Abdurrahman Gazi and his Alps show up to take the gold off the Mongols. The Mongols are immediately quelled and killed. The gold is protected. Samsa Bey swears that Alisar Beys moment of retribution will come also.

Alisar Bey attempts to work right out of any devotion to Sofia however Osman realizes that he lies. Osman lets him know that neither Sofia nor her dad Yannis will manage Turkish land. Alisar Bey pacifies Osman and lets him know that he is considered his sibling yet all signs highlight Alisar Bey being faithful to the unbelievers and mongols and not to the turks.

Alisar Bey makes another stride towards an illegal area where Osman is concerned. He lets him know that he realizes that he adores Bala Hatun and his proposal of marriage was turned somewhere near Edebali. Everything he doesn’t say to him is that he needs her too.

The news that the Mongol gold was taken makes Alisar Bey over the top angry. Osman discreetly grins hearing the news realizing his Alps had been fruitful in their central goal.

At the explorers Inn Alisar Bey gains from a quiet worker that the Kais were liable for taking his gold. What he can be sure of is that the worker was in the utilize of Master Yannis.

Sofia escapes from the prison after a weapon was set in her food. She is supported by Nezmettin and escapes by dressing like a man and conveying rolls of rug on her shoulders.

Bala Hatun gets a greeting from Osman to meet with him. She readily conflicts with her dad to see him.

The sight of the grin all over delights Osman. He tells her, “Your grin is beautiful.”

Bala tells him of her concerns that one more admirer might approach to her dad while she hangs tight for Osman. Osman ensures she realizes that her name is composed on his heart and he won’t permit some other man to be her darling. He gives her a blue scarf to wear on her head to help her to remember his promise.

Osman comprehends that Bala has been taboo to see him however he tells her not to be apprehensive. She is his and just his.

Sheik Edebali figures out that Bala ignored him. He won’t pardon her easily.

Prince Salvador is upset and scared to be informed that he should be circumcised. He is likewise given another name Ebubekir Siddik.

Osman will convey the mongol gold bound for Alisar Bey to poor people. Muslim and heathen the same will get a portion of the plunder.

Master Yannis fools Alisar Bey into feeling that he is a visionary . Ace Yannis lets him know that he goes by the name of Abdul. Alisar Bey is uninformed that Yannis and Abdul are a similar individual nor that he is Sofia’s dad.

Osman hangs tight for the day that Sheik Edebali gives him Bala as his lady. Right now he can’t see a future without her close to him.

The following day Dundar Bey gives new obligations to Gunduz, Osman and Batur Bey. He allots Batur Bey to run over the Alps in the town. He allots Osman as head in setting up the new migrant for Kais and their families who have been going with Ertugrul Gazi. Osman acknowledges the task joyfully. He might want to take them to the mountains.

Alisar Bey is disturbed. His new visionary, Master Yannis/Abdul has let him know that the Kais were liable for taking his gold. He has no clue about that Yannis he is Sofia’s dad. Alisar passes out gold to his watchmen with an orders them to kill as numerous Kais that can as a discipline.

Gunduz gets ready for his new position. He has been placed accountable for getting the Kais merchandise to the market.

the mongol gold is conveyed joyfully to the locals and very much like Robin Hood they alert to track down packs of gold coins on their doorstep.

Osman braves into the open country and raises his voice high up. He addresses himself and God. His words are as per the following:-

“I swore quite some time in the past. Perhaps before I was conceived that Osman will put his seal on the world and cut his name into it. They call me a kid however the people who call me this don’t have a clue about the enchanted that streams in my veins. I’m not running yet strolling . At the point when the opportunity arrives Black Osman will have every one of the Lords in this nation holding up at my doorstep.”

Osman vows to accept Bala Hatun as his significant other and transform his tent into a rose nursery. He swears he won’t withdraw nor will he do homage anybody other than his God.

He enables himself with certainty and moves into the seat of his pony. Hehis head in successful predominance of the excursion he has before him.

Alisar Bey makes an excursion to the place of Sheik Edebali. He has one thing at the forefront of his thoughts, Bala.
He at first advises Edebali that he needs to join the two clans. The bond he expects to hold the two clans together is Bala Hatun.

Alisar has a dream that he will have the girls of the three most influential men in Sogut and this way he will solidify his predominance in the district. He as of now has Sofia on his side . Osman for one doesn’t believe that Aygul should wed Alisar Bey however when Osman hears that he needs Bala too there will be slaughter. He won’t allow this to occur.

Gunduz and his Alps are trapped taking the clans merchandise to the market. Gunduz is basically harmed when he experiences four bolts to his body. The aggressors are the men that Alisar Bay has conveyed to kill however many Kais as they can. The endeavored murder of Gunduz might mean conflict. He will be avenged.

Gunduz is conveyed back to the Kai Village and into his tent. He is really focused on by his better half and Selcan Hatun. Osman and Dundar Bey are rankled by seeing Gunduz sticking onto life by a thread.

The discussion between Sheik Edebali and Alisar Bey proceeds. Alisar Bey accepts that with a coalition between the Ahis and himself they would consume the exchanging business the land and with the special reward of Bala Hatun the arrangement would be fixed.

He lets him know that Bala’s wonderful soul is bound for a cloister and isn’t reasonable for Alisar Bey. He denies the arrangement yet is told by Alisar to keep on mulling over everything.

Gunduz stays alive. Osman examines who went after his sibling. He is let by his Alps know that it was a snare with bolts and there was no way to save him. They didn’t see a face.

Dundar Bey, Osman and Batur Bey accept that the professional killers must be from Alisar Bey.

Osman passes on the Kayi town to examine the assault on his sibling. He accepts that Alisar Bey is taking care of the Kais in the wake of figuring out that they took his gold.

He accuses his Alps of mental fortitude and leads them out of the clan at a gallop.

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