EPISODE 07 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number SEVEN of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

Welcome to the current week’s episode of Kurulus Osman. Toward the finish of Episode 6 we left Osman and his Alps in a dangerous circumstance restricted and being tormented by Prince Salvador and Sofia.

We likewise gained from Abdurrahman Gazi (Ertugrul’s sibling and Osman’s Uncle) who has recently gotten back from battling close by Ertugrul that Ertugrul has a lethal lung illness which will ultimately end his life. Ertugrul gives up the authority of the Kayi clan to Dundar Bey.

In the torment room Sofia appreciates incurring torment for Osman. She requests he tells her where Sheik Edebali is realizing that the fortune she looks for wouldn’t be excessively far away from him. At the point when he doesn’t answer Sofia becomes maddened. Taking a blade she risks it into the body one of his Alps. As she proceeds with her attack on the vulnerable man Osman presents sacred text and lifts the courage of his tormented Alps. They are tormented much something else for their confidence which moves Sofia to a wild fury when she can’t prevent them from adulating Allah.

Meanwhile at the Kayi town Bamsi Bey and Selcan Hatun feel Dundar Bey ought to send every one of his alps looking for Osman. Dundar Bey assembles them considering an arrangement. He sends Bamsi Bey and Gunduz to Kulchaiser Castle determined to talk with Sofia and to caution her on the off chance that she has had a say in the seizing of Osman, he will take his revenge.

The scene in the torment room is happily watched by Yannis. He has come to convey his own type of discipline to Osman by and by. Yannis neglects to break Osman’s soul even after he marks him with scorching pokers.

Osman’s boldness and quiet about the whereabouts of Sheik Edebali infuriates Yannis to the place where he marks Osman again and again yet at the same time he can’t break Osman’s soul despite everything he stays quiet. Each lash, each consume from the hot pokers drives Osman’s soul further towards his fantasy of a nation free of infidels.

Batur Bey and his Alps are sent into the field to search for any indication of Osman.

Bamsi Bey and Gunduz have a crowd of people with Sofia to ensure she comprehends that they are almost at war and assuming she has had a say in Osman’s vanishing she will find the entire Kayi clan at her palace entryways.

A war isn’t what Sofia . She lies and attempts to lose them their doubts that she is answerable for Osman’s capturing. Bamsi Bey isn’t tricked by her falsehoods and finds before him the malicious lady that she is.

Osman hangs oblivious in the torment room alongside his beaten Alps. Yannis remarks on his incredible strength. “Like that of a lion,” Yannis says.

Batur Bey actually has Osman’s stowed away detainee whom Osman was utilizing to get data. This detainee killed one of Osman’s Alps before he delivered by Batur Bey and stowed away somewhere else. He was the right hand man of Prince Salvador. Batur Bey offers him numerous gold pieces assuming he will let him know where Osman is being held and he will offer him a lot more gold pieces in the event that he will kill Osman and present to him his dead body. Batur Bey then, at that point, discharges him.

Meanwhile Bala Hatun shows up inside the Kayi Village. She isn’t given a decent greeting by Aygul (Dundar Bey’s girl). Aygul faults Bala Hatun for putting Osman’s life at serious risk. She is taken care of by Selcan Hatun who tells her that Osman and Bala Hatun are guaranteed to one another. There is no doormat carried out either to Bala by Dundar Bey’s better half yet Selcan Hatun remains close by and lets them know Bala will find friendliness in her tent.
Minister Marcus carries a message to Sofia from Sheik Edibali. He needs to meet with Yannis. Sheik Edibali lets Yannis know that he will give Yannis what he needs assuming he sees Osman is alive. A gathering place is organized.

In the torment room the oblivious Osman dreams about Sheik Edibali who visits his inner mind and lets him know that God has not neglected him and with a little confidence he can get away. A restored Osman wakes. With another strength Osman pulls the calfskin that ties him to a metal nail which is stopped in the wood where he is fastened. He tracks down opportunity. Albeit feeble, consumed and beaten he rapidly unfastens his Alps. They gain strength and get ready to make their break.

The first opposition comes from Prince Salvador’s gatekeeper that Batur Bey delivered. He needs his gold. Sadly for him today he will meet his destruction however before he kicks the bucket he tells Osman that Batur Bey needs him dead. Becoming aware of Batur Bey’s disloyalty doesn’t astound Osman. Osman and his Alps battle their direction to opportunity and are subsequently joined by Samsa Bey and Bamsi Bey to make their break.

The miserable opportunity arrives when Osman is given the fresh insight about his perishing father by Abdurrahman Gazi and furthermore refreshed on the position Dundar Bey currently holds in the clan.
Osman shows up back at the Kayi Village with the clan saying thanks to God for his safe return.

Osman gives Dundar Bey the regard that he requests and kisses his hand realizing that even thusly he conflicts with his own will. He embraces Batur Bey realizing that he needs him dead. He is in a situation to not do anything else at the moment.

Bala Hatun trusts that Osman will join her in his tent. One glance at her lovely face gets a longing his sole to make Bala Hatun his.

Osman tends his own injuries and lets himself know that as the more his injuries hurt the more they fire him up to battle for his destiny.

Dundar Bey is constrained by his better half and girl to dispose of Bala Hatun. At present Bala is the visitor of Selcan Hatun and Osman Bey. Dundar Bey shows up in Osman’s tent to stand up to Bala about her dad Sheik Edebali. He makes fun at Sheik Edebali and Bala is annoyed by Dundar Bey’s assault. Dundar Bey advises Osman that assuming he keeps on get to know Sheik Edebali and Bala he won’t be given the help of the Kayi clan. Bala is irritated by his words and leaves the tent prepared to leave the Kayi village.

Osman follows Bala Hatun requesting she let him know where Sheik Edebali is and the justification for her excursion to the Kayi town. At first she wouldn’t tell him however under proceeded with strain from Osman she lets him know that she was shipped off his town after her dad had branched out to meet with Yannis. Her dads point is to forfeit himself for Osman’s life. Little does Sheik Edebali has any idea about that Osman has liberated himself from his detainers and his penance anyway respectable, is not generally needed.

Osman starts up his Alps and jogs out of the town to attempt to save Sheik Edebali from Yannis and his Catalonian rebels.

Meanwhile Master Yannis holds up at the assigned gathering place for Sheik Edebali. The two foes in the long run meet.

Yannis obviously doesn’t know that Osman has gotten away nor is he mindful that he is en route to help Sheik Edebali with a group of Alps however when Osman turns up he rapidly saves the existence of his cherished Sheik Edebali.

In the battle Master Yannis takes a bolt in the chest however is immediately hauled off on his pony and makes his getaway back to the palace. Osman and his Alps happily kill as a considerable lot of Prince Salvador’s men as they can recalling the torment they put them through.

Osman approaches Sheik Edebali. He is a gallant champion is our Osman however when it comes down to requesting Bala Hatun hand in marriage he is shy.

Meanwhile Osman and his Alps are turning out to be increasingly strong in the battle against the unbelievers. Osman has a lot more supporters presently having the equivalent dream.

Aygul hearing that Osman will wed Bala Hatun consents to wed Aliser Bey.

Bala tells her dad sometime thereafter that Selcan Hatun will be coming to inquire as to whether he would give authorization for her to turn into Osman’s significant other. It isn’t well before Selcan Hatun shows up for her gathering. While she is away Osman walks all over anxiously in his tent anticipating the appearance of Secan Hatun with the solution to his solicitation.

Osman recollects his words to Bala, “An existence without you will be like passing to me.” He trusts Selcan Hatun will bring him great news.

Unfortunately Sheik Edebali will not permit Osman to wed Bala and the news Selcan Hatun brings him is awful information.

On Selcan Hatun’s re-visitation of the town Osman can see straight away that she is disturbed. At the point when she tells Osman that Edebali didn’t acknowledge his solicitation to wed his girl Osman is promptly heart broken and crushed.

How might Edebali at any point reject him a subsequent time?

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