EPISODE 02 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number TWO of Kurulus Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.We left Osman last week after he got two ladies in a room where Lord Tekfur’s body had been tossed from a window subsequent to being killed by Commander Kalanos and Sofia.

Osman had before been seen covertly emerging from Lord Tekfur’s royal chamber after a gathering together. Tekfur’s body had landed directly before Osman on his takeoff from the palace. As he could see the window where the body had been tossed from Osman returns into the palace to attempt to track down the killer. It is here that he tracks down the two ladies and requests to be aware assuming they are killers. He holds a blade to the throat of a most gorgeous girl.

He doesn’t get excessively far into grilling his wonderful hostage when he is hit from behind . He lies oblivious on the floor in the wake of being conveyed a weighty pass up a priest. The priest lets the little kid know that he is the child of Ertugrul’s. She currently realizes that Osman accompanies a fine blood line.

The two ladies and the priest proceed with their inquiry of the room until they find a secret compartment which drives them to the blessed relics. The trio make flurry to get away from the room and the palace with their fortune leaving Osman lying on the floor.

Commander Kalanos and Sofia put Tekfur’s homicide on Osman and a hunt starts of the palace to find him.

Osman wakes from his oblivious state to escape into the wellbeing of his anticipating alps. He needs trusts that assuming he finds the young lady she might know who the killer of Tekfur is.

Sofia is distraught to see her heavenly relics gone. She sends Commander Kalanos determined to take something valuable from Dundar Bey trying to get them back. Sofia drops the Agreement ready to be endorsed by Dundar Bey and calls Osman puts out the word all through the palace that Osman is the murderer.

The two ladies who are dressed like nuns get away from the palace by pony and truck before anybody realizes that the sacred relics are no more.

Meanwhile, thinking back to the tent of Dundar Bey he is encouraged to get back to Ertugrul to the clan to figure out the Agreement and to take Osman taken care of. He is troubled for anybody to imagine that he has flopped as head of the clan.

Master Yannis is a Sorcerer. He is known to Ertugrul and shows an extraordinary interest in Osman. The Sorceress Sofia sends him a letter instructing her lord with respect to the taken heavenly relics. He is informed that Osman was liable for the robbery. He leaves his cavern for Kuluchaiser Castle.

Osman looks for the two nuns yet they are a distant memory. The priest didn’t go with the ladies yet remains behind in the church. He is shocked when Osman appears searching for his sister. Osman recalls everything about her face even down to the little spots on her nose. The priest lets him know that the young lady he is searching for comes from Nebudaka. He proceeds to let him know that she lives in a house of prayer outside the city.

Outside of the ancestral doors Burcin and Aygul (who is Dundar Bey’s girl) are washing their garments. The young ladies areunaware that they are being watched by officers from the Castle. Aygul is abducted.

Dundar Bey and Bamsi have a gathering with every one of the peripheral clans at Hisar Castle. This palace is on Sogut land and is possessed by the Kayi clan and flies their banner so anyone might be able to see. He is looking for a tranquil partnership with the clans however tracks down just resistance.

One ancestral pioneer Samsa Bey accepts that they ought to join and battle the decision Lords as opposed to pursuing another understanding. Alisar Bey the ancestral pioneer from Itinge lands shows up at Hisar Castle and furthermore goes to the gathering. Assuming you review last week he is additionally against settling on the Agreement. Alisar Bey has an elevated status and the admiration of the clans.

Before they can finish their gathering Burcin shows up with the terrible news that Dundar Bey’s girl has been captured and the Castle need Osman as exchange for her life. Dundar Bey readies his Alps for the fight to come and takes Bamsi and Samsa Bey with him to attempt to get his little girl back without making a conflict.

Osman then again is stowing away with his Alps and sees Aygul being hauled into the palace. He can hear that they believe he should give up or they will kill Aygul.

Aygul implores him not to surrender himself. Osman vows to transform the palace into their graveyard.

The Castle environment is tense when Dundar Bey shows up with Bamsi. He requests his girl right away. He swears no one will save them from his anger in the event that they don’t give him his girl back.

Aygul is hauled into their presence and Sofia lets them know all that Osman needs to effectively defend himself or they will all bite the dust. Dundar Bey cautions them that would it be a good idea for anything happen to him the entire of the Turkish roaming clans will go into an uprising to vindicate them. Before a battle can split out Osman turns up and is taken to the prisons to anticipate a trial and the chance to effectively defend himself.

Osman is certain that the killer of Aybars and the endeavor on Dundar Bey’s life in addition to Tekfur’s homicide are completely associated. He realizes that Tekfur was choked and tells Commander Kalanos that he won’t ever abandon tracking down the killer.

Meanwhile Sofia has her very own arrangement. She accepts that Osman knows where the sacred relics are and realizing he will get away from the prisons she accepts he will lead her to the relics. Much to her dismay that he remains unaware of the relics. The relics are protected in the possession of two nuns from Nebudaka.

where Osman is being held. They place it in Osman’s food bowl. Utilizing the key Osman makes his break from the prison however is firmly trailed by Sofia’s watchmen.

The alps trust that Osman will join them.

They meet Koluralp who has gone far bringing Osman many guides of palace strongholds. Osman tends to his alps and lets them know this is the start of his fantasy. They will battle and take lands and at last make an entire country for its kin. In spite of the fact that he will do nothing until he vindicates Aybar’s passing.

Sofia’s gatekeepers attempt to stay covered yet they are found by Osman and went after. Osman drives a blade into the shoulder of his assailant and torments him until he provides him with the name of the person who sent them. “Tell me, who sent you after me?” He lets the cat out of the bag and lets him know it is Sofia. Osman currently realizes Sofia realized he didn’t kill Tekfur yet at the same time she needed him continued in the expectation he would lead her to the blessed relics.

After a few travel Osman and his men enter the terrains of Nebudaka to search for the two nuns. He doesn’t need to look far. She came looking for him. This time she isn’t dressed as a religious woman yet rather this time she is dressed as a Turk.

She requests that he ride with her to her town.

She then, at that point, brings him into a structure which has a secret room. She opens the entryway and ushers him to meet a man of confidence, he is Edebali. Presently Edebali was Ertegrul’s profound companion and offered a lot of otherworldly direction to him during their years together. Osman recalls stories told to him by his dad. They have a quick warm gathering. The inclination is soothing. Edebali vows to let Osman know all his blessed secrets.

Edebali sees that Osman’s look is attracted to the little kid who remains adjacent to him. He lets him know that she is Bala and she is his little girl. He can’t neglect to see the vibe of interest all over or on the substance of his daughter.

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