EPISODE 01 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 01 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

The special trailer of Engin Altan Düzyatan’s verifiable series Barbaroslar, which had an enduring impression with Diriliş Ertuğrul, has been delivered. Barbaroslar, featuring Engin Altan Düzyatan as well as Yetkin Dikinciler, Ulaş Tuna Astepe and Caner Topçu, is preparing to express welcome to the screen experience. Barbaroslar, which included amazing pictures, brought the energy level to the limit with the first episode trailer.

The trailer of the first episode of Barbaroslar, wherein the biography and bravery of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, the well known mariner of the historical backdrop of the Ottoman Empire, will be talked about. The Barbaroslar series, wherein the entertainers named in the cast have been getting ready for going for quite a while and doing their work in a tight rhythm, will be on TRT1 separates the new season.

Doğan Ümit Karaca, who embraced the directorship of the Payitaht Abdülhamid project, which made one last goodbye to the screens in the previous days, additionally assumed control over the directorship of the Barbaroslar series, expanding the fervor of the crowd.

Barbaroslar series, which will uncover the verifiable improvements in the late fifteenth 100 years; Oruç, Ishak, Ilyas and Hızır will introduce the account of four siblings, set in the Mediterranean during the Ottoman Empire, with the crowd.

The special trailer of the Barbaroslar series project, which is planning to give extraordinary minutes on TRT1 channel with the mark of Es Film, pulled in extraordinary consideration from the fans.

The children of the winner of Mytilene Yakup Ağa, Ishak, Oruç, Hızır and Ilyas, were isolated after the passing of their dad. Oruç and Ilyas cruised to the oceans notwithstanding the resistance of the Ishak Aghas. Ishak is extremely glad that Hızır is in his old neighborhood of Lesbos, however Hızır additionally has as a primary concern the extraordinary and sacrosanct “secret” that he sought after with the book shop Master Süleyman. In any case, they are not by any means the only searchers of this holy mystery. Pietro, who can do each evil for this purpose, doesn’t wait around.

Baba Oruç and Ilyas are gone after on the boat they are protecting. After this assault, Oruç and Ilyas make another adversary: Antuan! Indeed, even before Baba Oruç and Ilyas return to Alexandria, terrible news falls like a bomb on the hotel of Unita, established by Venetian ocean vendors. Anthony; He is a wild foe with no virtue. In spite of the fact that Isabel, the little girl of Sylvio, who is answerable for Unita’s Alexandria, is stressed over Baba Oruç and Ilyas, it has now worked out.

While Despina, the spouse of Baba Oruç, is sitting tight for new energies, the adversary Antuan will go after from a surprising spot and shoot his siblings from their homes. Will Khidr find success by taking the trust on the mysterious way? Can he dispose of the fasting plot along with his sibling Ilyas?

The principal episode of the creation, which stands out with serious areas of strength for its and creation, will be screened on TRT 1. Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı series delivered on September sixteenth. Peruse Also All Episode of Barbaroslar

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