EPISODE 67 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 67 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 3 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode, Boran with the dead bodies arrived at the clan and informed Osman about the occurrence. Osman attempted to leave rapidly however at the spot, he came to realize that somebody has killed his pony. because of this event, Osman got enraged with Gunduz and directed him to move to the palace of Rogatus. On the following morning, Osman came to the clan of Turgut. Turgut was angry with Osman that he has not satisfied his contentions. Gunduz was consulting with Rogatus about the ongoing happenings, then kosses began to utilize new fighters for his military.

Right away, Boran went to the palace and there he conversed with kosses. Kosses claim to be faultless about this event. Turgut told that he would get payback after the internment. The troopers of kosses were gotten by Osman. Osman cut off the fingers of the fighters. Nikola came to the palace that evening and bring a gift for Mari. Mari told nikola to take the revnge from turgut. Nikola joyfully concurred with this.

From that point forward, Rogatus came and told about the new occurrence to his mates. At the point when Osman was all set to the palace of Rogatus, then many troopers of kosses arrived at the plain. Rogatus was additionally present there and he guaranteed of being guiltless Osman. Right away, Osman conceived an arrangement to find the individual who was liable for this occurrence. Osman educated some regarding his troopers that Gregor will go to sogut in chapel. What’s more, Goktug was taking Gregor subtly in the congregation. Turgut went after a portion of the warriors of kosses and killed them.

Gregor gave a little piece of paper to the congregation’s father. The elderly person immediately passed the message composed on the paper on to the Rogatus. Yet again when Goktug was returning to his clan, the fighters of Catalog went after him. In any case, it was only a snare of Osman. One of the warriors of Catalan was hijacked by Goktug and brought to the clan for correspondence. Startlingly, kosses and his sisters came to speak with Osman. Boran tormented the fighter of Catalan.

The hired soldier denied taking it further and let him know that he was at that point working for kosses. At the point when Osman was chatting with kosses, Boran came there and informed him that kosses was the individual who was liable for the entire episode.

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