EPISODE 66 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 66 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 2 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 66, Osman with his warriors turned out like the fighters of Byzantium. They moved to the woods somewhere. Cerkutay with his pontoon went over to meet with the minister. Father George with his right hand was moving along the riverside when they felt something terrible and Certukay was tossed into the stream. After some time, the minister was gone after by the warriors of Catalan. During this time, the troopers of Laskari were attempting to safeguard Gregor.

Right now Osman came and the cleric was caught by Osman. Kosses came to realize that his sister was on mid of her way. In the interim, a warrior of Catalan informed kosses about the capture of the minister. At this, kosses got enraged and emerged to meet with Nikola. Kosses and Laskaris were imparting about the abducting of the minister that evening. Nikola let Osman know that the main individual responsible for this event is Osman. Additionally, Nikola requested to remain joined with every one of the rulers.

The sister of kosses Mari was seized by Turgut so that kosses would reclaim Turks. Laskaris met with Osman and asked him about the capturing of the cleric. Osman let him know that he knew nothing about this and Laskaris returned to his stronghold. After some time, kosses gifted a pony to Orhan and requested help from Osman. Osman consented to help him and emerged to speak with Turgut. Turgut introduced Mari to Osman and mentioned Osman to safeguard the Alps in the palace of Kosses.

Osman guaranteed Turgut in regards to this and guided Mari to the kosses’ palace with Boran. Prior to returning detainees, kosses cut their fingers. Mari was conveyed by Boran and got back the Turks. A snare was made by the troopers of Byzantium and on the way, they killed the harmed Turks. Boran immediately educated Osman about this. Osman got enraged over this since he was unable to satisfy his commitment with Turgut. Afterward, Osman directed his pony to continue out and about yet someone killed his pony.

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